Thursday, August 9, 2018

Full day diet plan for weight loss-fat loss 1250-1450 calories with carbs protein & fat calculation

Diet plan of 1250-1450 calories for vegetarians with eggs with combination of carbs protein and fats.

Distribution of carbs protein fats are the following:

  • Carbohydrayes-48%
  • Protein-16%
  • Fats-20% 
Full day diet plan for weight loss and fat loss

Full day diet plan for weight loss :

  • Wake up 7 am in the morning. 
  • Meal-1 one cup of green coffee+10 almonds. 
  • Meal-2 breakfast have oatmeal50gm serving/quinoa servings 50gm+1 whole egg boiled +juice 200ml/1 pear or kiwi fruit large.
  • Meal-3 one cup of green coffee only.
  • Meal-4 lunch brown rice/2 multigrain chapati with Greek yogurt 200gm +green veg any/masoor daal small bowl+1 whole egg boiled.
  • Meal-5 evening snack sprouted beans/multigrain toast with tea only.
  • Meal-6 dinner 1 multigrain chapati/ brown rice 60gm6mediim bowl+4 eggs white boiled/50gm price of paneer raw+green veg any.
The above diet plan can be followed by any men and women for weight loss and fat loss with height of 167 cm to 175 cm and weight of 60 to 75 kg. Always balance your meal  with 5-6 small meals a day include soluble and a insoluble fiber for proper digestion and absorption of nutrient. Don't go for yo-yo diets and fad diets which claim to fat loss fast and after leave these type of fad diet and eating normally your weight will increase because your body starts to store glycogen and fats once your start eating again. On the other hand you can add brag apple cider vinegar 2 times a day before lunch and dinner  and Himalayas ayur slim capsules 2 times a day  in your diet plan for increasing fat burning process. 

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