What is the best age to start Gym-Bodybuilding exercises?

The best age to start bodybuilding is teenage-like 14-17 and when you are an adult 18 years age because in this age your body produces many hormones that are responsible for muscle growth such as growth hormone and natural testosterone levels. When you exercise and do any physical activity like strength training exercises and play any sports and cardio activity your body releases growth hormone and testosterone, serotonin, dopamine which are responsible for better sleep and increase cardio output and reduce stress and anxiety in the teenager.

the best to start gym and bodybuilding exercises and workout and teen age bodybuilding myth and fatcs

Moreover, your bones become strong and relief from joint pain and stiffness in muscles. On the other hand look at the greatest athlete and bodybuilders like WWE Brock Lesnar, Arnold  Schwarzenegger, Lee priest in his teenage and many more bodybuilding teenagers.
Now we will come to the main point can 15 years old boy start bodybuilding. First, you must have a serious interest in bodybuilding because muscle building is a sport that requires a lot of hard work, time, patience and dedication and years of practice.
So just look at your kid's interest whether he is interested in bodybuilding or not and what type of kid he is an active or hyperactive kid and his body type and most important he is ready to lift weight or not.

Benefits of start bodybuilding in teenage and key points:

  • Between the age of 15-17, your testosterone levels are high and your body releases the male hormones (HGH- Human Growth Hormone) and male hormone testosterone which helps to increase your muscle growth and sex drive.
  • From the ages of 15 to 17 if you do the physical activity your cortisol hormone levels are balanced and increase confidence in teenagers.
  • Share everything with your parents and your fitness coach who teach you bodybuilding to reach your goals.
  • Keep in mind always train under the supervision of other bodybuilders and your coach so that any muscle and joint injury do not happen while doing exercise and workout.
  • Start with low weight in starting and gradually increase your training weight and exercises and sets and by 10 percent.
  • Always do two body part exercises workout only. the big mistake most of the teenagers do in muscle building do only single muscle exercises only.
  • Don't take every supplement for muscle growth like creatine monohydrates and prohormones and other herbal supplements, first consult your sports nutritionist in your area or certified fitness specialist before taking any supplements.

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