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Does eating carbohydrates at night make you fat

Does eating carbs at night make you fat:

Many people are  fear about eating carbohydrates at night that it will make them weight gain and fatty. One common thought is to no longer eat after 8 p.m, a new research shows that eating late night snacks can help you wight loss and balance your hormone levels and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Carbs at night,carbohydrates at night make you fat,

On the other hand some research shows eating heavy meals at night can gain weight and fat in adults and children's.

This is really a confusing part for most of them eating late at night is good or not. Well in my opinion eating at night after 8 pm is good for your health if you focus on your calories and if you know what you are eating at night and it will help you reduce your craving and fat loss. 

Do you know when you eat 1 gm of carbs and 1 gm of protein and 1 gm of fat your total calories count is 17 calories. 

Carbs protein and fats calories

  • 1 gm protein=9 calories 
  • 1 gm carbohydrates=4 calories
  • 1 gm fat=9 calories. 
Keeping these calories in your mind watch your late night eating snacks, do not include heavy meals in your diet like 6-8 chapatis, butter chicken, junks foods French fries and burger and pizzas which are high in fat and calories and spike your insulin levels because of the high glycemic index of foods. Also remember weight gain only occurs when there is change in your calories consumption and calories you burned from exercise. I will give you the simple example like your total energy expenditure is 1500 calories and you are eating more than your resting expenditure it will make you gain weight and fat. Calculation is simple you burned 400 calories from exercise and eating 700 calories after exercise will not. Giving you any weight loss results.

What should you eat at night?

Different foods have different calories and carbs protein and fats nutrition, for example a office going person eat his breakfast and lunch and evening snacks tea,coffee but when it comes to late night dinner he will feel extreme hunger and craving for the food and end his day with the heavy dinner meals which give him full satisfaction and proper sleep. If he reduce his calories at night fell depressed and increase in anxiety because of stress hormone cortisol the same hormone make you eat more at night and because of work  stress in your office and stressful times.

If you follow the healthy meals for 1 week and reduce your calories at night, you will feel hunger and carving to eat more. This happened only in the beginning of 7 days, after seven days complete your body automatically adjust your calories and you feel no more craving at late night.

Do you know our body is a survival army it will flow according to the environment and situations.

Here I will give you 5 best meal with low carbs and you don't feel like craving at night.

  • Whole wheat pasta low in calories carbs
  • Oats bran high in fiber and protein and highly complex carbs.
  • Quinoa mix vegetable dalia high in protein and gluten free and low in carbs.
  • Whole egg scrambled 4 in olive oil 1 table spoon with green vegetable and some small bowl brown rice which is low in carbs and green vegetable any.
  • 150gm of panner piece with vegetable soup 200 ml. Or chicken 250gm with brown rice 50gm chapati with vegetable salad.

Does fat can make you gain weight?

Do you know fat take 6 to 8 hours to digest on your body, if you eat fat at night a misconception that fat can make you weight gain. In reality fat do not make you gain weight because if feel Hungary at night eat only fat foods like whole egg, cottage cheese, butter chicken 200gm, these food not make you fat because you body make ketones the energy source from fat means when you eat fat at night you body uses (fat) fatty acids as a energy source because of the no carbs diet.

My final words eat a well balanced means and regular exercises and and changing in your eating habits help you to reach your fitness goals.

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