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Quick Guide How To Make Personal Trainer Resume

To create a personal trainer resume you should know what you are going to write in the resume. Which topics do you cover, whether the interviewer like your resume format and he can easily absorb your highlighted  fitness topics.
The easy and simple format resume work best getting job in Dubai as a personal trainer, so keep in mind next time when you make your resume make it simple because no one likes complicated resumes which takes time understand.
Moreover always make your resume on your own because the biggest mistake made by many people they do not make there resume on there own and when the interviewer ask them any question related to fitness ,they are not able to answer properly.

Here are the steps to make personal trainer resume-personal trainer profile examples: First type your name and address and country and state and passport number and mobile number, and don't forget to mention your email id in your resume.
Personal trainer resume objective-Type your career objective on…

Health benefits of water in the body-Benefits of drinking water

We all know that water is essential for life, we practically have water in us and around us. The benefits of drinking water is one of the great qualities of water. It’s extremely healthy for you and it just tastes great. It really is a wonderful drink. It’s also cheap and abundant because of modern technology and filtering techniques. This article explain why it is so great to drink water. Water is so amazing that you literally live off water for a month! No food or anything, just water!

benefits of water in the body,benefits of drinking water,water benefits

Benefits of drinking water in the body:

One of the best benefits of drinking water is that it’s healthy for you. When has a good tasting drink ever been truly healthy for you. Drinking water can help you lose weight when you switch it out for your normal drink. Also, one good step always leads to another, if you’re drinking healthy, you’re probably going to start eating healthy. How’s that for the benefits of drinking water? Water can also be used to help pump up your workouts. When you’re working out, you always need to be thoroughly hydrated or you’ll end up getting cramps or even worse, pass out. Sports drinks are sometimes good but I would suggest water. Why? Water does not have any sugar, sports drinks are loaded with sugar and that’s why it’s a sports drink. The benefits of drinking water can not only keep you healthy, but others! You can influence others to drink water as a substitute from soda or sugary drinks. This would especially apply to kids as they do not know much about calories,sugar, and their overall health.

The benefits of drinking water are especially great for your body. Has your skin ever been dry or flaky? Fill up a cup of water and start drinking, water can help you moisturize your skin. Did you know that water is almost 2/3rds of your body? Yes, it is! It’s extremely important to your body. You need almost water everywhere in your body for it to function right.Drinking water is great for the immune system. It helps your body stay in tip top shape.  It removes dangerous things like toxins and keeps your body clean. Some other great things it does for your body is that it helps prevents cancer for your colon and bladder! The benefits of drinking water can help you flush out viruses and diseases which can help you get less sick! Also, if you’re ever clammy on a hot day, drink lots of water. Water helps regulate your body temperature so you don’t overheat and faint!

Those are few of the many benefits of drinking water. Water is an all around health giant. It does nearly everything! Water is extremely valuable for something so easy to be found and so inexpensive. Better yet, there are still more benefits of drinking water to learn! Some benefits even goes specific for certain organs like your brain and others.

The benefits of drinking water are great and you should drink water regularly:

  • Water rejuvenates the cells, facilitates the digestive and eliminate processes, carries nutrients to the body’s tissues, helps rig the body of toxins, maintains body temperature, aid in PH balance and provides liquids for cells.
  • Drinking water bathes the internal organs, aids respiration, stimulates kidney function, dilutes bodily fluids and provides energy and nourishment. It also moistens the skin, helps purify the blood, diminishes allergies, reduces the growth of yeasts, slows aging and flushes out contaminants, toxin and bacteria.
  • Drink water first thing in the morning. I love to make cold water infusions with fresh blossoms, such as lilac, organic rose blossoms, or violets or with fresh herbs such as lemon balm or spearmint. This is done by simply putting a couple of handfuls of blossoms into a jar and covering them with water. Allow the mixture to sit at room temperature for about 3 hours, and then enjoy a beauteous herbal-infused drink. Try putting a slice of fresh lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber into water. You can even add crystals (too big to swallow) into water to energize it. Flow flowers in water. share your special water with others.
  • I do not recommend drinking the bubbly mineral water, unless it is the healthiest drink at a party. It contains carbone dioxide, which is something our bodies are actually trying to get rid of when we exhale; ingesting too much carbon dioxide can cause bloating and fluid retention.
  • Look for the best technologies in modern nontoxic purification methods, such as reverse osmosis systems, which are quiet and effective. Just be sure to change filters as directed.Water fluoridation is not something that we recommend.
  • Boiling water in a vaporizing chamber where steam rises and pollutants are removed makes distilled water. Distilled water is a neutral medium and has a magnetic attraction to unnecessary minerals in the body. Naturopaths recommend distilled water for arthritis and kidney stones, because of its absence of minerals. If you drink distilled water, consider taking a mineral supplement.


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What is bmi used for:
Bmi correlates with risk of disease and deaths,for example heart disease increases with increasing bmi in all population group.

Calculating bmi is simple,rapid  and inexpensive and can be done by anyone with simple formula.

BMI correlates well with total body fat for the majority of people.BMI is a measure of weight in relation to height. How to calculate BMI:

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(weight in kg) Divide by (height in meter square)
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Before starting to get job in fitness industry you must the know the basic knowledge of anatomy and nutrition and exercise physiology and how to make workout card for personal training client and how to help them to achieve there fitness goal and know about basic injury rehabilitation.


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What are components of fitness and how they help to achieve your fitness goals

The major five components of fitness help you to achieve your fitness goal.Muscular strengthCardiovascular strengthMuscular enduranceFlexibilityBody composition
Muscular strength means how much weight you can lift in 1 repetition for example you are doing the chest press exercise with barbell and you are lift 60kg weight maximum on chest press. This is your muscular strength amount of force your muscle can produce in one repetition.

Cardiovascular endurance means  the aerobic capacity and the ability of  heart and lungs to fuel your body with oxygen and proper nutrient during intense cardio activity and sessions. For example jogging,  swimming, cycling are best exercise to test your cardiovascular endurance.

Muscular endurance means amount of repetition perform with single exercise for example you are doing chest press with 40kg and you make 20 reps-30 reps with 40kg bench press continuously and without fatigue.
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