Benefits of walking 45 minutes a day-Why not start walking today

It wasn’t until half a dozen years ago that 45 minutes walking has emerged as one of the most popular forms of physical recreation in America, India and all over the world. And while people were discovering the benefits of walking, doctors and physiologists were doing the same. Scores of research studies began to appear, showing that walking could indeed perform “magic” healing.

Until then it was considered that exercise, though beneficial, should be strenuous. The heartbeat had to be over 100 per minute. If you weren’t drenched with sweat, you wouldn’t receive the benefit of cardiovascular improvement.

But the new research has given an entirely different outlook. Brisk walking  – not racing, not huffing or puffing – was found to have all the benefits of running without all-too-common body bash that one can come with – knee pain, hamstring, tenderness, and a sore back.

Benefits of walking 45 minutes a day

Health benefits of walking The scientists have discovered that regular walking can:

  • Burn away excess weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve the cholesterol profile
  • Improve blood sugar and insulin dynamics
  • Help prevent bone-thinning osteoporosis
  • Help alleviate chronic low back pain
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve mood and mental performance
  • Perhaps, reading all those benefits of walking, you will think that we view walking as some kind of panacea. Well, this is partially right.

Nothing, of course, is a cure-all. But walking, with or without a walking cane or a hiking stick has a special place in the world of preventive health because it is the most natural of all human activities.

Yes, we can swim like fish. We can run like wolves. We can jump like kangaroos. But our anatomy says that we were made to walk – the stable foot, straight leg, broad pelvis, and generous buttocks are all indicators of the natural walker.

When we omit any prolonged periods of walking, and we accept this lifestyle, is it any wonder that we develop all sorts of health problems?

Millions of people have discovered the health benefits of walking and share the joy of walking with many others.

Feeling inspired? Why not start walking today?!

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