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What is whey protein and its health benefits and risk

What is whey protein
Whey protein is not somethings new for anyone ,they have been available for hundred of years however the true benefits of whey protein has become unknown,this awareness has led to an increase in research activity to identify all the benefits whey protein provide to the human body.

There are many sources of information about about whey protein,but it can be challenge to out the facts from the fictions,of the many protein sources out there whey protein is the ultimate.

It comes from milk during the process of turning milk into cheese,whey protein is separates out and whey are high quality and nutritious dairy protein.

Milk contain two primary protein-

whey proteincasein protein
When cheese is produced the liquid whey separates from the curd or casein.They whey protein are then separated from the liquid whey and purified to various concentration of whey protein.Protein can also be found in variety of foods mainly meats products such as beef,chicken,and fish.

Dairy pro…

Nasm login and become a nasm certified personal trainer

How to login for nasm certification 

To login for nasm certification go to google search engine and type nasm login,after that you have open a page nasm portal and there you will have to create a new account,after making a nasm login portal account you get the list of all certification of national academy of sports medicine and cost of nasm certification. you can also click here to directly go to nasm portal login

nasm login-Become a nasm certified personal trainer

Nasm is usa based fitness certification academy,providing education in perosnal trainer and sports medicne related certification.

Nasm certifcation are weidely accepted all over the words by renowed health clubs such as golds gym,fitness first and anytime fttness and snap fitness.

There are many of nasm certified perosnal trainer are working all over the world in usa, dubai and asian coutries india and singapore and malaysia.

Nasm certification cost:

If you want to become a nasm certified perosnal trainer you will have to study hard, the cost of nasm well known certfied personal trainer self study course is US Dollar 559 and the cost of full course with guide study is 1031 US dolllars.

  • Nasm cpt cost- 559 US dollars.
  • Becoma a nams nutrition coach cost-669 US dollar 
  • Performance enhancement specialist course-cost-self study 600 US dollar and full guided study 800 US dollars.
  • Nasm corrective exercise specialist cost-559$ self study course fees,for guided study you need to pay US dollar 800.

List of nasm certification

List of nasm certification:

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)

To Become an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)-Specializing in Corrective Exercise with NASM can increase your earning potential along with your clients’ abilities to keep away from sports injuries and helping them move, feel and live better life.

Personal trainers who have their NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES) earn 50% more1 on average than other personal trainers.

Nasm Certified Personal trainers

Get nasm cpt certifiction Be your own boss, set your own hours, and work in your workout clothes. The best part is that have the professional stability of working in a developing fitness industry.

NASM is the chief proof based guaranteed individual preparing system established on the restrictive Optimum Performance Training.

Nasm Performance Enhacement Specialist (Nasm-Pes)

Become an nasm performance enhacement specialist (nasm-pes)-Sports Athletes and hogh school kids  have high level of expectations from themselves and their sports coaches. They request the best from fitness professionals who can provide them with unique performance training results.

To meet these expectations they deliver:

Dynamic training-Exercise techniques that Improve maximum performance and help prevent sports injuries

Introducing new ideas:demonstrated methodologies that have been utilized by pretty much every elite athletics group.

Proof based soution-that help build tougher, quicker and stronger athletes.


In my opinion nasm is a really a good certifcation in terms of career money and knowldge,and  after passing nasm certifcation you will learn all the personal trainer and nutrition tool to apply in fitness industry.
On the other hand you will have option to choose the best nasm certifcation according to your carrer and goal you want to make in the fitness organization.


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