Fruit and vegetable diet

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing about a diet of fruits and vegetables, is a vegan type diet. This is not what we are going to discuss here. What this diet intends to do is increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables consumed and decrease the amounts of fat and empty calories in the diet.

Fruit and vegetable diet

This type of diet includes proteins in a moderate amount. It also gives you the best types of fruits and vegetables to include in your daily diet so you can take advantage of natural foods that are designed to be easily digested, increase metabolism, boost the body to break down and process sugars in a better way. way, and give you the nutritional values ​​you need in a healthy diet.

This diet requires 4-5 servings of vegetables per day and 2-3 servings of fruits per day. We will review the best fruits and vegetables to eat to facilitate weight loss and give you all the nutrients you need so that your body is in its best shape.

Vegetables are considered complex carbohydrates and the body does not easily break them down into fats. They consist more of nutrients, water, and fiber, which helps to aid in digestion and provide vitamins and minerals for our health. In addition to being more difficult to break down, they also remain in the digestive tract for longer, which helps you get hungry again so quickly.

Fruits consist of simple carbohydrates, the body breaks them down into fats and gives the body energy. They are also rich in nutrients that help manage vitamins and minerals. They break down rapidly in the digestive tract, so this diet will limit portions per day to help reduce frequent hunger. Fruits should be eaten raw. Cooking or processing fruits eliminates much of the nutritional value of fruits.

Fruit and vegetable diet plan

The list of vegetables and fruits that are the best are listed below. They can be eaten in any quantity and considered as a serving. Vegetables should be eaten raw or steamed without using oil or butter. As indicated above, incorporate 4-5 servings of vegetables per day in your diet.


Alfalfa sprouts, Brussels sprouts, broccoli

Collard Greens, Eggplants, Kale, Okra

Summer squash, spinach, leeks, and chives

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion

Zucchini, Turnips, Green Turnips, Artichokes

Green Beans, Carrots, Celery, Mushrooms



Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Strawberries

Cranberries, pears, blackberries, blueberries, cranberry juice

Blackberries, Melon, Melons

Fruits to eat in limited quantities

Grapes, Coconut, Bananas

Dried Fruits, Dates, Canned or Processed Fruits

A sample diet is provided below to give you a guide on what you should eat daily:


1 cooked or scrambled egg

½ brown bread with 1 teaspoon of low-fat cream cheese

½ orange or 1 8-ounce glass of orange juice or cranberry juice

2 slices of tomatoes

Water, coffee or tea without sugar


4 ounces lean chicken, turkey or fish

Mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper.

Low fat / low-calorie salad dressing

5 wholemeal cookies

Water, coffee or tea without sugar

Afternoon snack

Bowl of berries of your choice

Or 1 sliced ​​apple


4-6 ounces of lean meat

Green beans

Broccoli, carrot, steamed cauliflower mixture

1 dinner roll


2 servings of raw vegetables

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