Four homemade beverages for summer weight loss

(1) Appetite-suppressant drinks: V8 vegetable juice and smoothie

What kind of drinks helps you lose weight? Most drinks work to satisfy your thirst. But there is a drink that not only leaves you thirsty but also has the additional effect of controlling appetite. Vegetable juice V8 and Smoothie are the most representative drinks to suppress appetite in the market.

Four homemade beverages for summer weight loss

V8 Vegetable Juice is a registered trademark owned by Campbell Soup Company for beverage products made from eight vegetables or a mixture of fruits and vegetables. A milkshake is a mixed, cold and sweet drink made from fresh fruit. In addition to fruit juice, many smoothies include crushed ice, frozen fruit or frozen yogurt. These drinks are thicker than soft drinks, but unlike milkshakes, they usually do not contain ice cream but may contain milk.

One study found that drinking a glass of V8 or Smoothie vegetable juice 15 to 20 minutes before the meal helped reduce the calorie intake of food. This, to a large extent, is a mystery. But researchers believe it is related to viscosity density and calories. However, do not take them during meals, you will lose the effectiveness mentioned above.

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(2) Slimming alcohol: Vodka Soda

Are you a party monster that can't live without liquor by hand? Try Vodka Soda then.

More moderate the liquor lowers the calorie contained. Therefore, a mixture of soda water (which does not contain calories or low in calories) with Gin or Vodka is the right spirit for people with a weight loss graduation dance, because a cup of such a drink only contains 80 at 90 calories

(3) sports drinks before exercise: green tea

One study found that green tea extract can improve sports endurance by 24 percent, it can also increase fat burning. Japanese researchers conducted experiments with mice that were thrown into a water pond to allow them to fight for survival, and in the end, they felt exhausted. The results showed that those fed with green tea extract more sustained for longer than others, and 10 weeks later their lost fat was significantly more fat than other mice. This study makes researchers believe that a cup of green tea in the human body has the same effect.

(4) dietary supplements after exercise: skim milk with chocolate

It is wise to drink after practicing yoga or taekwondo. In fact, this is the right time to lose weight. Milk is an ideal drink to restore vitality. The ratio of calories/proteins in milk adapts perfectly to the needs of the body. It contains approximately 3-4 calories per gram of protein.

But why chocolate milk? Because cocoa beans in chocolate contain antioxidants that can help repair muscle cells. If it is difficult to buy milk at the gym, you can bring a bag of milk for breakfast from home.

Drinking ice water has similar effects. One study found that two glasses of cold water (below 22 degrees C) contributed to reduced calorie consumption. Because 40 percent of calories are consumed to "heat" water to body temperature. Drinking a liter of cold water a day will help you lose five pounds of body weight a year.

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