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Does eating carbohydrates at night make you fat

Many people are  fear about eating carbohydrates at night that it will make them weight gain and fatty. One common thought is to no longer eat after 8 p.m, a new research shows that eating late night snacks can help you wight loss and balance your hormone levels and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Carbs at night,carbohydrates at night make you fat,

On the other hand some research shows eating heavy meals at night can gain weight and fat in adults and children's.

This is really a confusing part for most of them eating late at night is good or not. Well in my opinion eating at night after 8 pm is good for your health if you focus on your calories and if you know what you are eating at night and it will help you reduce your craving and fat loss. 

Do you know when you eat 1 gm of carbs and 1 gm of protein and 1 gm of fat your total calories count is 17 calories. 

Carbs protein and fats calories

  • 1 gm protein=9 calories 
  • 1 gm carbohydrates=4 calories
  • 1 gm fat=9 calories. 
Keeping these calories in your mind watch your late night eating snacks, do not include heavy meals in your diet like 6-8 chapatis, butter chicken, junks foods French fries and burger and pizzas which are high in fat and calories and spike your insulin levels because of the high glycemic index of foods. Also remember weight gain only occurs when there is change in your calories consumption and calories you burned from exercise. I will give you the simple example like your total energy expenditure is 1500 calories and you are eating more than your resting expenditure it will make you gain weight and fat. Calculation is simple you burned 400 calories from exercise and eating 700 calories after exercise will not. Giving you any weight loss results.

What should you eat at night?

Different foods have different calories and carbs protein and fats nutrition, for example a office going person eat his breakfast and lunch and evening snacks tea,coffee but when it comes to late night dinner he will feel extreme hunger and craving for the food and end his day with the heavy dinner meals which give him full satisfaction and proper sleep. If he reduce his calories at night fell depressed and increase in anxiety because of stress hormone cortisol the same hormone make you eat more at night and because of work  stress in your office and stressful times.

If you follow the healthy meals for 1 week and reduce your calories at night, you will feel hunger and carving to eat more. This happened only in the beginning of 7 days, after seven days complete your body automatically adjust your calories and you feel no more craving at late night.

Do you know our body is a survival army it will flow according to the environment and situations.

Here I will give you 5 best meal with low carbs and you don't feel like craving at night.

  • Whole wheat pasta low in calories carbs
  • Oats bran high in fiber and protein and highly complex carbs.
  • Quinoa mix vegetable dalia high in protein and gluten free and low in carbs.
  • Whole egg scrambled 4 in olive oil 1 table spoon with green vegetable and some small bowl brown rice which is low in carbs and green vegetable any.
  • 150gm of panner piece with vegetable soup 200 ml. Or chicken 250gm with brown rice 50gm chapati with vegetable salad.

Does fat can make you gain weight?

Do you know fat take 6 to 8 hours to digest on your body, if you eat fat at night a misconception that fat can make you weight gain. In reality fat do not make you gain weight because if feel Hungary at night eat only fat foods like whole egg, cottage cheese, butter chicken 200gm, these food not make you fat because you body make ketones the energy source from fat means when you eat fat at night you body uses (fat) fatty acids as a energy source because of the no carbs diet.

My final words eat a well balanced means and regular exercises and and changing in your eating habits help you to reach your fitness goals.

Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin benefits for joint and ligament injuries

Glucosamine sulfate well known supplement which is used to treat joint problems osteoarthritis, however research shows the supplements with glucosamine has no benefits compare with placebo effects in joint pain and tissue damage.

Like chondroitin, glucosamine is a characteristic compound found in solid ligament, especially in the liquid around the joints. For dietary enhancements, it is collected from fishes and shells or can be made in the research center. It can come in a few chemicals compound structures, however the one most utilized in joint pain is glucosamine sulfate. In research center tests, glucosamine indicated that it has anti inflammation properties and which help recover from sports injuries and arthritis.

Glucosamine sulfate for joint pain,glucosamine for joint injuries

Glucosamine sulfate doses?

In most research of glucosamine the everyday dose of supplement is 500 mg per day for osteoarthritis and sports injuries in athletes and adults.

However, a few research shows  that glucosamine gives the identical ache relief as a placebo (a tablet that does not contain any medicinal drug). Some doctors and physiotherapist suggest take it with meals for best results and prevent from stomach upset problem.

What are the risks of taking glucosamine?

Generally glucosamine appears to be a fairly safe supplement. Side effects are usually very mild. If you take high doses, you are more likely to get them. Minor side effects include:

  • Stomach upset and constipation
  • Acidity and heart burn
  • Sleepiness at night
  • Headache all day

Risk If you have shellfish allergy, be careful about using glucosamine because your body can react . Furthermore if you have diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, bleed disorder, hypertension, then check with your doctor before taking supplements.

My final words glucosamine still have lot of research to be done about its health effects whether its support ligaments and joint injuries or not. Moreover many bodybuilders and athletes have claim they are taking glucosamine for high intensity workout training to prevent ligament and joint injuries.however the effects still unknowns in compare to the placebo effects in many athletes.

Himalaya quista pro whey protein ingredients price and its full benefits

Himalaya has launch is new product Himalaya whey protein Quista Pro with price of 2000 rs only, the company claim they have the best ingredients and protein blends in there products. Moreover they are many whey protein brand are available in the market Amway whey protein and herbal life protein for weight loss and some sports nutrition brand such as Optimum Nutrition, universal nutrition, ultimate nutrition and iso pure.

himalaya quista pro whey protein,Himalaya quista pro whey,whey protein,Himalaya whey protein

What is whey concentrate protein?

Quista Pro whey protein is concentrate whey protein its not a isolate whey protein but in my opinion concentrate protein is better for muscle building and fat loss and because its help you body to go into the anabolism state for more then 3 hours whereas isolate work in your body for 2 hours only, after two hours your body again go into the catabolism state, your body needs protein again after 2 hours for muscle recovery. On the other hand concentrate whey price is cheaper than isolate protein and it is not works best for healthy adults until you have some medical condition such as diabetic l, thyroid and or any other related disease, because isolate works good for diabetic and other medical conditions.

Himalya Quista pro is a whey protein concentrate blend supplement which helps gain lean muscle mass.It is among the first protein blend that contains all 3 forms of whey (Whey protein concentrate whey protein isolate whey protein hydro) all in one for maximum benefits.

How to take Himalaya whey protein?

Whey protein can be taken by any healthy adults who need to complete there daily protein requirements, and for vegetarian who are not able to take complete protein sources on daily basis. Its work best when you do workout regularly, just have your protein shake after post workout one serving of whey protein after 20 minutes of exercise or you can also take in pre workout prior to 1 hour before exercise for Nitrogen balance and muscle recovery during workout sessions.

Nutrition value of quista whey protein?

In quista whey you will get 22 grams of protein and 8.5 gram of carbs and 1.5 gm of fat in 34 gram serving of quista Pro whey
On the hand it has all vitamin and minerals and less sugar in every serving of whey.

It has also some Ayurveda ingredients such as--

Ashvagandha - it helps build muscle mass, Ashvagandha improves muscular strength and helps overcome fatigue. And improve oxygen level during workout session.

Hadjod - Improving bone and joint health, Hadjod promotes the recovery of injured connective tissue and relieves joint pain and give flexibility during exercise.

Pomegranate - it help in muscle soreness, and antioxidant in Pomegranate speeds up post-workout recovery give natural vitamin and minerals

Taurine - its a amino acid which help in Minimizing post work out injury, Taurine help in faster muscle recovery and growth.

Vitamin B Complex (B1, B6,B5,Pantothenic acid) helps in energy production and maintain your hormone levels and fuel up your nutrients.

Vitamin C and E help to fight against free radicals in the body promote healthy bones and prevent skin damage.

Features & details?

Quista Pro contains 3 whey protein blend, concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate for faster absorption

Fortified with peptides and taurine which minimize post injury workout and fastest recovery
Quista Pro is enriched with herbal remedies which develops bone health, build stamina and endurance and strength.

Fortified with minerals like calcium, Magnesium,potassium,  and all vitamins  for better bone health and skin and hair.

Enriched with BCAA -all branch chain amino acids which improves exercise performance and prevent muscle damage.

Enrich with faster and slower absorb protein for faster and slow recovery of muscle at night.

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How to apply for personal trainer job in golds gym Dubai

Golds gym is the world largest gym chain in the world and have clubs almost in every country including India and Asia and united Arab emirates ,Qatar,Bahrain.Gym have all the facilities for there members like male and female changing rooms with lockers facility,showers and steam ,towels and physiotherapy,nutrition and supplement ,weight loss and weight gain nutrition plan,personal training facility,floor trainer for manage floor.

golds gym dubai jobs,how to apply for job in golds gym dubai,dubai jobs,fitness trainer jobs in dubai

Moreover you can hire certified personal trainer to setting your fitness goals, Certified trainer can help you to achieve your goals fast and motivate you and push your limits to train hard in the gym.

What are the jobs in golds gym?

  • Personal trainer
  • Sales executive
  • Floor manager
  • Fitness manager
  • Club general manager
  • Fitness trainer
  • Group exercise trainer
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Front desk receptionist 

How to apply for job in Dubai golds gym?

This is the common question everyone ask us how can i make a career in Dubai well as a fitness trainer i can say only one thing its very easy to get the fitness trainer job in Dubai, if you speak English language and have level 2 level 3 certification which is reps registered or Ncca accreditation certification such as NSCA,ACSM,ACE,NCSF,ISSA,EREPS LEVEL-4,These are the best certification to get the job in just need to do one thing just send your resume to fitness manager of the club,if they find your resume is up to the mark ,you will get the mail from fitness manager of golds gym dubai,that you have been selected for interview on skype and your interview date is this, then a fitness manager ask you fitness related question to test your sports science and exercise science knowledge,if you clear the interview process,they will send you the offer letter golds gym within 1 week  with salary and all the terms and conditions in the letter.

Now the next process is to get working visa and airplane ticket ,which will company send you within the 6 months ,and its means you have to wait for your visa process work and it takes up to three m months to six months. 

Steps to apply for personal trainer job in Dubai?

Go to the uae golds gym website then click on golds gym career there you will find the option of clubs just click on the clubs,you will open the page of all fitness clubs in dubai.

Now just find the option of club manager ,then click on it ,and here you will find the club manager email address, now you just need to do one thing send your cv to club manager your job will done.
now just wait for there reply its takes up to 1 week to get reply from them.

Moreover you can also apply directly to the human resource team,They are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join there dynamic team. If you think you have what it takes then please send your CV to

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Exercise science academy Mumbai Acsm courses in nutrition and personal training

If you are looking for best online institute for online and classroom courses, the exercise science academy hold the respect and best fitness online courses in Mumbai and have students all over the world.

Exercise Science Academy was established in the year 2003, and conducted the first ACSM (American college of sports medicine) workshops and certification, known as HFI- Health Fitness Instructor. A team of three senior ACSM faculties led by Dr. Walter Thompson in partnership with Dr. Aashish Contractor who is Acsm certified clinical exercise physiologists. 

ESA has introduced Online Learning for the first time in India. All the ACSM courses and workshops and lectures can be viewed online on your computer at comfort of your home. 

You will be given the following course material books and notes before the course starts which will be sent to your home address within 10 days after the fees paid.

Exercise science academy courses in acsm  nutrition and cpt and clinical nutrition,weight management

You can do the following courses at exercise science academy. 

Acsm certified personal trainer:

Acsm which is three months course and lectures can be viewed through online study and face to face learning. And your exam should be conduct through Pearson vue centers in your city. 

ACSM Certified Personal Trainers are qualified to make exercise plan for healthy individuals who are medical clearance to exercise.

Course fees and details-

Face to face learning over 18 weekends including practical sessions. 6 hours on each weekend.

You will have a practical exam, a multiple choice theory exam and a case study to submit at the end of the course.

You will be awarded with three certificates.

Official ACSM Workshop participation certificate.
ESA’s ACSM Workshop passing certificate.
Official ACSM CPT exam passing certificate.


Rs. 47000 + 18% GST (this includes your ACSM CPT Exam voucher worth $349). You can  pay via credit card, debit card, net banking, bank transfer, cash or cheque,

Cheque is payable to Exercise Science Academy LLP.

Fees include
  • Tuition
  • Course lecture notes file
  • Core textbook
  • Local tutor support
  • Examination
  • ACSM CPT exam voucher
  • Certificate

 What will you learn with Acsm cpt course:

  • Personal trainer introduction.
  • Advanced anatomy and physiology.
  • Advanced client assessment methods body composition and posture analysis.
  • Health and fitness appraisal, lifestyle analysis and stress management.
  • Joint assessments, muscle balance and postural correction.
  • Advanced flexibility methods.
  • Nutritional advice including pre/post exercise nutrition guide.
  • weight management, including weight gain and weight loss. 
  • Special populations including obesity, diabetes, asthma and orthopedic conditions.
  • Fitness testing for power, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Exercise prescription for health adults.

Acsm Sports nutrition certificate:

This certificate will teach you all the tactic of sports nutrition and energy system and how to train advanced athlete with sports nutrition for increasing there performance,which supplement are best for them with proper diet planing. after this certification you will scope of practicing high level advanced level athletes with nutrition advice and pre and post recovery and hydration.

Course Content:
  • Energy systems
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Supplementation
  • Diet planning
  • Sports doping
  • Metabolism
  • weight management 
Classroom and online:

Face to face learning for 10 Sundays 3 hours each.

At the end of the course you will have a viva, multiple choice exam and a case study to submit.

You will be awarded ESA’s Sports Nutrition course completion certificate with ACSM continuing education credit hours

Eligibility criteria and fees structure:

Age must be 18years and above with minimum 12th grade

Need Basic nutrition certification

Foundation + sports Nutrition specialization: Rs 33000 + 18% GST
Sports Nutrition specialization: Rs 20,000 + 18% GST

You can either pay via credit card, debit card, net banking, bank transfer, cash or cheque. Cheque is payable to Exercise Science Academy LLP.

Fees include
  • Tuition
  • Course lecture notes file
  • Core textbook
  • Local tutor support
  • Examination
  • Certificate
This course give you 15 continue education credits 

Acsm nutrition and weight management certification 

There is an expanding requirement for experts to focus on the huge increment in dimensions of obesity in India. This course gives information and research of most recent strategies and updates in weight management according to the Acsm international guidelines and standard.

Course Content
  • Nutrition for obesity
  • Childhood obesity problem 
  • FAD diets
  • Eating disorders 
  • Nutrition label reading
  • Energy system
  • Calorie counting
  • Diet plan prescription
  • Physical fitness and assessment
  • Supplementation for healthy adults

Eligibility criteria and fees 

Eye to eye learning for 10 Saturdays 3 hours each. 

Toward the finish of the course you will have a viva, different decision test and a contextual investigation to submit. 

You will be granted ESA's Nutrition and Weight Management, Course finish certification with ACSM workshop certificate with 15 credits.

Foundation + Nutrition and weight management specialization: Rs 33000+ 18% GST
Nutrition and weight management specialization: Rs 20,000 + 18% GST.

Eligibility criteria:
18yrs and above with minimum 12th grade.
Basic nutrition certification.

Acsm clinical nutrition certification 

There is an expanding requirement for experts to focus on the huge increment in dimensions of clinical obesity in India. This course gives you knowledge about how to handle clinical clients like heart disease,diabetes,thyroid,blood disorder,cancer diseases etc.

Moreover this course give you depth knowledge of how clinical nutrition science works and how to apply the nutrition safely with acute and chronic disease.

Course content:
  • Heart-hypertension,angina,coronary artery disease.
  • Pancreas; Type 1 & type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Types of Insulin and drugs.
  • Thyroid gland; Types of thyroid disease.
  • Lungs disease-asthma,tuberculosis Pneumonia
  • Blood disorder-Types of Anemias,thrombocytopenia- Malaria-Dengue, allergic reactions & Lymphomas.
  • kidneys-Physiology & Functions of Kidneys, Acute Kidney Disease.
  • Gastro intestinal disease and acidity problems-Esophagus- , Esophagitis, Hernia, Stomach ulcer Dyspepsia, Gastritis, Peptic Ulcer, Liver- Alcoholic (Acute & Chronic Disease).

Eligibility criteria and fees 

Eye to eye learning for 13 weekends 3 hours each.

Toward the finish of the course you will have a viva, different decision test and a contextual investigation to submit. 

You will be granted ESA's Nutrition and Weight Management, Course finish certification with ACSM workshop certificate with 15 credits.

18yrs and above with minimum 12th grade.
Basic nutrition certification.

Foundation + Clinical Nutrition specialization: Rs 35000 + 18% GST
Clinical Nutrition specialization: Rs 28,000 + 18% GST
You can pay the fees via cheque ,bank transfer,cash,debit and credit card.

Fees include
  • Tuition
  • Course lecture notes 
  • Core textbook of clinical nutrition
  • Local tutor support
  • Examination
  • Clinical nutrition Certificate
This course 20 ACSM education credits

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K11 Fitness academy courses fees and accreditation details


Kaizaad kapadia is the founder and director of k11 Fitness academy

The academy Established in 2003 and Headquartered out of Mumbai, the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences is the India first organization which provide the best fitness and wellness courses in sports and exercise.There expert team help you to  understand the course in such a way that anyone can learn the concept of exercise science and fitness.

K11 conduct face to face learning classes for student to learn personal training and sports nutriton and supplements.

Each course offered by the organizations is conceptualized through an inside and out and thorough logical research and are benchmarked as industry norms.
K11 provide state of the art infrastructure for there student with complete gym floor and all the equipments for particle training and theory classes.

There staff holds the best degree in fitness sciences such as Nsca, ace and degree in sports science and kinisiology and and have well trained to teach there student what is sports and exercise and how it's works give you a healthy lifestyle.

k11 fitness academy,diploma in personal training k11,k11 sports nutritionist courses

K11 Fitness academy courses

The academy conduct theee courses- diploma, certificate and workshop and pratical classes of cpr and aed courses which is usually for 1 day workshop.

Diploma in personal training 

Personal trainer level 4 reps certified, the courses provide the exercise science knowledge and theoretical and practical and how to train personal training clients and business strategies of fitness marketing.

This Diploma is Internationally recognized by REPs India (Member of International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals: ICREPs) under Category -Personal Trainer and is aligned to India's NSQF Level - 4 which awards the Certification from the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness And Leisure Skill Council (SPEFL-SC).

Course fees and details

Theory - 44
Practical - 25

Time Span:
Total 188 hours
176 hours of Classroom and LAB contemplate
12 hours of Guided Learning


K11 Diploma in Personal Training Certificate
(REPs Category - Personal Trainer)
NSQF Level 4 Certification from SPEFL-SC
CPR and AED Certificate

Course Charges:
Course Fee INR 85,000
CPR and AED INR 1,200
All out Fees INR 86,200

Certified sports nutritionist course

The K11 Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN) Course is exceptionally intended to help qualified Nutritionists, Personal Trainers/Gym Instructors and Group Fitness Instructors acquire the information required to endorse Nutrition Plans for dynamic, practicing people and even focused competitors sports athletes.

This sports nutrition course give inside and out learning on macro nutrition and micro nutriton, metabolism and digestion system, calories counting, supplements knowledge and energy system and give you depth knowledge how to make a diet plan for athletes according to there needs and body types.

Course fees and details:

Theory - 43

Time Duration
129 hours


K11 Certified Sports Nutritionist Certificate

INR 57,500

Certified personal trainer for special population cpt-so course.

This course give you depth knowledge how to trainer clients with various injuries and metabolic, musculoskeletal disorders and the contra-indications of exercise those have medical conditions.

Moreover k11 special population trainer
capable of appropriate programming for people with chronic ailments and/or history of acute condition.

Courses fees and details:

Course Fee  INR 57,500
CPR & AED INR   1,200
Total Fees    INR 58,700

Total sessions
Theory - 32

Time duration
96 hours

Theory question only.

K11 CPT for Special Populations Certificate.
CPR & AED Certificate.

Effective going of all evaluations will make K11 Diploma holders qualified to be a piece of the REPs India register and therefore gain conveyability for work in the Fitness Industries of UK, Ireland, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Poland.

For more fitness queries visit out homepage-vikas fitness guide

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Top 10 best fitness instructor certification and fitness gym courses

These days, the demand for fitness instructor has increased greatly, fitness gym are continue  hiring fitness manager's personal trainer and floor manager and sports nutritionist and sales counselor for there health and fitness clubs.

In any case, before you can get on the exercise center floor with your first customer, you have to get certified from fitness organisations to start your career in the fitness field.Although most of your customers may not know the difference between certified trainer and non certified trainer. But your club know the difference between the education and demand of fitness trainer according to there fitness certification and a top level certification shows your skills, fitness knowledge needed to get the job.

fitness instructor certification,fitness gym certification,top fitness trainer certification

Here is the list of top fitness instructor certification organization for personal training certificates-

  • America college of sports medicine
  • American council of exercise 
  • National academy of sports medicine 
  • National strength and conditioning association. 
  • International sports science association 
  • Nesta (National exercise and sports trainer association) 
  • National Council on Strength and fitness 
  • Ifpa (International fitness professional association) 

American college of sports medicine

American college of sports medicine is established in 1954 and ranking 1st and give respected education in fitness field  Acsm exercise guidelines are use all over the world for best fitness practices and Acsm provide different fitness certification in personal training l, clinical nutrition and registered exercise physiologists, and Acsm group fitness certification and Acsm cancer specialist and Acsm health adult certified personal trainer certification.

Acsm is accredited with Ncaa National commission of certifying agency and government organization.


There certification are valid for three years and you must be 18 years of age and have high school diploma or equivalent and hold current cpr certification. For exercise physiologists exam you must have at least 1 year exercise in physiotherapy and special population clients.

American council on exercise 

Ace certification (American council on exercise) provide fitness education certification in personal training and special population and group fitness and health and fitness specialist and strength and conditioning specialist. Ace is a well recognized with his personal trainer certification that is widely accepted all over the world.

Ace is accredited with National commission on Certifying Agencies NCCA and have variety of fitness certification and continue education credit courses.


To become a ace certified you must hold current cpr and aed certification and you must be 18 year of age before sit for the exam.

National Academy Of Sports Medicine

Nasm national academy of sports medicine is establishes in 1987 and its personal training certification is widely accepted all over the world Nasm is also collaboration with cal you university of Pennsylvania for sports science degree courses.

Nasm is accredited with national commission of Certifying Agencies ncca accredited and its Corrective exercise specialist and performance training certification is well recognized fitness certification in the industry.


To become a nasm certified personal trainer you must hold a current cpr certification and and 18 year old, you must recertify every 2 year because nasm certification are valid for only 2 years.

National Strength And Conditioning Association

Nsca national strength and conditioning association is established in 1993 and it offer fitness certification like certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist certificate cscs.

Nsca exam are consider the most difficult exam in the fitness industry for its main cscs certification which is the one of the most difficult strength training certification exam to clear.

Nsca is accredited with national commission of Certifying Agencies and also launch his new fitness certification called csps (certified special population specialist)


To become a Nsca certified personal trainer your age should be 18 and you must have current cpr certification and  there certification are valid for 2 years only you must re-certify every 2 year to update with the fitness industry.

International sports science association

ISSA-International sports science association is established in 1988 and it is the only fitness certification organization which have variety of fitness and personal training certification courses. Issa is recognized for his bachelor degree courses in sports science and personal training certification which is widely accepted in many countries.

Issa have online and distance learning courses and provide sports science associate two year degree for certified personal trainer who are planing get a degree in exercise science.

Moreover issa has its own distance learning institute name  Issa college of exercise science which provide provide degree in sports and exercise science

Issa has accreditation with DEAC (distance education accredited commission) Issa does not believe in Ncca accreditation and they are also affiliated with reps USA registered exercise professional.

National exercise trainer and association

Nesta National exercise trainer and association is established in 1992 Nesta provide home study personal fitness trainer certification. Exam and books are mail to your address when they receive the personal training program fees, exam are held at Pearson Vue center at your city.

Nesta is an international association with a world-class faculty with over 65,000 members around the world. Nesta 20% of all our member are from outside the U.S.

Nesta members and certified coaches/trainers having careers in over 65 countries.  They welcome students from other countries like Europe, Asia, Dubai and Australia and New Zealand.

There personal training exam fees is $477.

They also provide other certification such as-

  • Nesta Master personal trainer
  • Nesta Sports nutritionist
  • Nesta Fitness nutrition coach
  • Nesta Kids nutrition specialists
  • Nesta Lifestyle weight management specialist
  • Nesta Biomechanics specialist
  • Sports injury specialists
  • Nesta group exercise trainer

Nesta Accreditation 

NESTA currently holds the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation for its Personal Fitness Trainer Certification.
Nesta is the member is ice the governing body of the Ncca

NESTA is a registered vendor for the U.S. Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line program. And there certification accredited  from US reps registered exercise professional.


To become a Nesta certified you must have current CPR certification and must be 18 years old. There certification are valid for two year you must renew your fitness certification every 2 year with the help Nesta continue education courses.

National council on Strength and fitness

NSCA Certification -National council on Strength and fitness was establishes in 1996 which provide three main fitness certification.

  • Personal trainer
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Certified strength coach

Ncsf  Accreditation

NCSF have proud to have  Ncca accreditation and us reps registered exercise professional and European health and fitness association.


How to become a ncsf certified personal trainer, to become a personal trainer you must hold current cpr certification and 18 year old and have high school diploma to sit for the exam.

Ncsf certification are valid for 2 year  you need update and renew the certification every 2 year with continue education credits.

International fitness professional association.

IFPA is establishes in 1994, The IFPA has over 60+ progressed and concentrated confirmations for coaches to proceed with their improvement as wellness experts in topic running from Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Sports Management, Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Low Back Disorders, Flexibility, Weight Management, Exercise Prescription, Pre and Post Natal, and Sports Conditioning.

Ifpa Accreditation

They are the member of European registered exercise professional and have accreditation from national commission from Certifying agency (NCCA)


To become a Ifpa certified personal trainer you must hold current cpr certification and must be 18 year old. And have high school diploma. Moreover Ifpa offer distance learning and home study courses in personal trainer and master personal trainer.

My final worlds

Health and fitness has wide scope as a personal trainer and fitness trainer and fitness manager and sports nutritionist  Its your decision how  you look your carrier as a personal trainer and how much experience you have in personal training. Which certification is good for you to kick start your carrier and where you want to work in your own country or abroad. The basic salary in personal training is around 15000 to 18000 India rs and in abroad like Dubai and Singapore its around 4000 Aed for ace certified personal trainer and in Singapore is 1800$ to 2200$ with personal training incentives.

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