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What is CPR and full form of CPR

What IS CPR ?

Most people have seen CPR  done on medical sitcoms, but actually understanding what it is, who needs to know it, and how to actually do it isn’t something you learn by watching your favorite weekly reality show.

Although CPR  dates back to the 16th century and has been shown to save lives when given immediately and correctly, many Americans still wonder what is cpr and how do you perform it properly when the time arises.

What is CPR  and full form of CPR, CPR training

CPR Full Form 

The full form of CPR  is Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, cardio meaning heart, pulmonary meaning lungs, and resuscitation meaning revive. In layman’s terms, it’s used to revive an adult, child, or infant that has stopped breathing and/or whose heart isn’t beating. Such incidences can occur following emergencies like drowning, heart attack or stroke, severe allergic reactions, and electrocutions.

CPR According to the American Heart Association, everyone should know basic CPR. Emergency workers, such as police, fire, paramedics, doctors, and nurses are required to be certified in CPR. Even many businesses, especially those working with children or that have a lot of work environment hazards, are requiring employees to become trained in CPR. Today it isn’t uncommon for entities from schools and nurseries to offshore oil rigs and manufacturing companies to require employees have basic CPR training.

As the AHA points out, considering that 88% of sudden heart attacks occur at home and the many life-threatening accidents that can occur where immediate medical attention isn’t available, it’s important for everyone to know how to perform CPR.


What is cpr It’s not enough to just ask “what is CPR” and never learn how to perform it properly.

Before starting CPR, the rescuer should establish if the victim is conscious or not by asking if they are okay or gently shaking their shoulder. If no response, begin CPR for one minute in an adult/two minutes in a child if you are alone and/or do not have immediate access to a phone. If someone else is with you, then they should call 911 immediately.

One of the best ways a layman can remember “what is CPR” is by thinking of a CAB:

  • C – initiate chest compression
  • A – check the victim’s airway.
  • B – initiate rescue breathing.

However, the American Heart Association now recommends that both laymen rescuers and rusty certified rescuers skip steps A and B and continue chest compressions until paramedics arrive, unless the victim is an infant.

C – Chest Compression's

When the heart stops and ceases to pump blood throughout the body, chest compressions are used to restore at least some of that blood flow. It’s important to remember that CPR is different for adults, children, and infants:

What is CPR – Adult

In an adult, the responder will interlace his/her hands so that one hand is atop the other and then begin to perform 100 downward, rhythmic, and quick chest compressions near the center of the chest. Each compression should depress the chest at least two inches and allow the chest to fully rise between compressions.

What is CPR – Child

In a child one to eight-years-old, the responder will use the heel of just one hand to perform 100 downward, rhythmic, and quick chest compression's near the lower portion of the breastbone just above where the ribs meet. Each compression should depress the child’s chest about 2 inches.

What is CPR -  Infant

In an infant, the responder will use only two fingertips to perform 100 downward, rhythmic, and quick chest compression's per minute. Compression's should be performed on the breastbone just under the center of the nipple line and at a depth of 1 ½ inches. As with an adult and child, the infant’s back should be on a firm surface during CPR.

Tip: Compression can be tiring in an adult and older child. Be sure to keep your shoulders aligned with your hands and your elbows locked so that your body weight will assist you with the compression's.

Trained CPR responders will do the same as the above, but at 50 compression's a minute before moving on to the airway. Untrained and rusty CPR respondents will continue the compression's as described above and not move on to the airway unless the victim is an infant.

A – Airway

Immediately following compressions, the rescuer looks and listens to the victim’s airway to ensure nothing is visibly obstructing the airway and to check for breathing. The airway needs to be opened; the rescuer will gently tilt the head back with one hand and gently lift the chin forward with the other hand as he/she is looking, listening, and feeling for signs of breathing. If breathing isn’t normal or is absent, begin rescue breathing.

B – Breathing

Adult and Child

With the adult victim’s head still in the tilted position, begin by pinching the nose shut and giving one rescue breath that lasts about one second. Ideally, the rescuer will have a rescue mask to prevent direct contact. Watch to ensure the chest rises with the breath. If not, stop and re-tilt the head to open the airway. Otherwise, give a second breath and then resume another set of compression's.


In infant rescue breathing, the rescuer will cover both the baby’s nose and mouth with their mouth and deliver a gentle puff of air for one second. If the baby’s chest rises, the rescuer will give another puff of air. Otherwise, the baby’s head and chin should be re-positioned before giving the second breath.

The cycle of CPR should continue until the victim either arouses or rescue workers arrive.

The American Heart Association suggests that you ask your friends, family, and co-workers, “What is CPR ? ” If they don’t know, tell them what you’ve learned about it and how to investigate getting certified in CPR.

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Benefits of walking 45 minutes a day-Why not start walking today

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Benefits of walking 45 minutes a day-Why not start walking today

It wasn’t until half a dozen years ago that 45 minutes walking has emerged as one of the most popular form of physical recreation in America,India and all over the world. And while people were discovering the benefits of walking, doctors and physiologists were doing the same. Scores of research studies began to appear, showing that walking could indeed perform “magic” healing.

Until then it was considered that exercise, though beneficial, should be strenuous. The heart beat had to be over 100 per minute. If you weren’t drenched with sweat, you wouldn’t receive the benefit of cardiovascular improvement.

But the new research has given an entirely different outlook. Brisk walking  – not racing, not huffing or puffing – was found to have all the benefits of running without all-too-common body bash that one can come with – knee pain, hamstring, tenderness, and a sore back.

Benefits of walking 45 minutes a day

Health benefits of walking The scientists have discovered that regular walking can:

  • Burn away excess weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve the cholesterol profile
  • Improve blood sugar and insulin dynamics
  • Help prevent bone-thinning osteoporosis
  • Help alleviate chronic low back pain
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve mood and mental performance
  • Perhaps, reading all those benefits of walking, you will think that we view walking as some kind of panacea. Well, this is partially right.

Nothing of course is a cure-all. But walking, with or without a walking cane or a hiking stick has a special place in the world of preventive health because it is the most natural of all human activities.

Yes, we can swim like fish. We can run like wolves. We can jump like kangaroos. But our anatomy says that we were made to walk – the stable foot, straight leg, broad pelvis, and generous buttocks are all indicators of the natural walker.

When we omit any prolonged periods of walking, and we accept this lifestyle, is it any wonder that we develop all sorts of health problems?

Millions of people have discovered the health benefits of walking and share the joy of walking with many others.

Feeling inspired? Why not start walking today?!

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How to study free online courses in nutrition and sports in India

Free online nutrition courses in India,There are very few college in India which provide free education in nutrition and sports nutrition and clinical nutrition science courses.

But as a fitness enthusiastic guy i  am also looking for best school and colleges with free online courses in fitness and nutrition sciences.

Although these are free courses you will not get any credit from the university and schools, buy you will learn all the things about nutrition and sports and attend free lectures, books are provide online and you can also download books from there websites, on the other hand you can get only benefit that you are learning something which is your hobby and you love to study about  sports and fitness.

Free online nutrition courses in India

Here is the list of some of the best free courses in nutrition and sports:

  • Certified personal trainer course
  • Certified fitness trainer
  • Basic Nutrition course
  • Adult cpr training
  • Aed training
  • Understand Sports Medicine
  • Certificate in aerobics
  • Certificate in first aid
  • Exercise physiology certificate
  • Clinical nutrition course
Now you ask me which college give free education in nutrition and fitness.

Top three online colleges provide free diploma in nutrition.

Coursera courses

This is one of my favourite online college to study nutriton and other courses relates to sciences, all the courses they provide give you real credit and valid certificate, only on condition you must purchase the credits if you want credit from the university. Although you are free to get certificate of learning with courses era which you can frame on your wall.

Nfhs Learn courses 

This is a college of free education and partner with instiute like National strength and conditioning association and American college of sports medicine.

They offer free certificate in basic nutriton course and first aid course and basic foods count, and basic sports courses for student and athletes, one of my favourite course from nfha learn is fundamental of coaching and cpt courses and streght and condition courses with collobration with Nsca USA.

Alison online diploma courses

Allison online diploma courses in health and nutrition,this college provide best courses in nutrition like.

  • Diploma in health nutrition
  • Diploma in human nutrition
  • Alcohol and its effects on health
  • Diploma in mental health studies
  • Human health global health issue
  • Human health diet and nutrition

  • Introduction to human Nutrition

This course is one of my favorite provide you the best basic nutrition knowledge to start your career in the field of nutrition, this course give knowledge of how to count calories and vitamins and minerals and sports Nutrition and carbs protein and fat metabolism and digestion.

Free online fitness courses

Here we will tell you about how you can study free online fitness courses in sports science and exercise science and personal trainer courses and cheap fitness trainer courses.

All of you know minimum fees of fitness training courses is approx 25000 to 60000 thousand depend on the courses and duration, and its a online course or a classroom course.

As a fitness guy I know people searching on Google to know about free fitness training course in personal training for learning experience and want to know about the basics of personal training.

On the other hand you can also do online free courses in nutrition and physical activity and exercise physiology and sports medicine.

free online fitness courses,free personal training courses

Colleges which provide free study in fitness courses are coursera ,Alison courses certificate and action certified personal trainer which is the best cheapest personal training certification in the fitness industry you only have to pay 100 dollar to get the certification and got only one chance to clear the test of action personal trainer.

Alison courses online 

  • Diploma in health studies
  • Diploma in outdoor and physical education studies
  • Physical education coaching style and techniques.
  • Diploma in physical fitness
  • Personal heath and fitness courses
  • Exercise physiology certificate
  • Physical education studies

Coursera certificate courses

Science of exercise

one of my favorite course provide by them. Learners who complete Science of Exercise will have an improved physiological understanding of how your body responds to exercise, and will be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact your health and training. You will explore a number of significant adjustments required by your body in order to properly respond to the physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional and  causes of muscle soreness & fatigue, and the effectiveness and dangers of performance enhancing drugs.

Active learning assessments will challenge you to apply this new knowledge via nutrition logs, heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index (BMI).

Introductory Human Physiology 

In this course, students learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts of exercise physiology and how your body reacts to exercise and activities. Which factor effects the performance in sports science. How your body respond to different environmental.


Finally, learners will examine the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise including the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression, and dementia and make diet plan of clinical patients and healthy adults.

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How to increase height before 18 naturally

According to many people that  increase height before 18 is very important thing, because height support people to get more confidence, make your love so easy, and easy to look for the job. Based on some experts’ opinion, that usually people can catch their body more high than before when they reach puberty, in the otherwise it is for their who can regulate their life such as eat normally (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), make quite sleep (it is for 7 hours), and get sports that can reach our body height (swimming, playing basketball,etc). Besides many experts believe that get more height is possible to some good genes, and even though more other factors can influence height, they are health inside and outside, and nutrillion. 

How to increase height before 18

Even though some factors can influence the height outside people’s control, but there are some idea that can people take to get more effort to growth up potentially. Some experts predicts that height is measured by bone, such as how height the bone both upper bone and lower bone can grow up. Both upper bone and lower bone have the areas named growth plates. In this growth plates areas the bone can be longer and longer. the growth plates areas located in the end of the bone. The bone has maximum length when the growth plates areas has close.

How to increase height in 1 week 

Some people agree that the son will get the genes from their parent, and the height genes is valuable genes that admired by the son. In this statement mean that genes absolutely different based on the heritage. Based on some experts the average height of women and men is different. Women always shorten than men. In addition people statements that sometimes most of personals get short if the family of those personals are short too. Don’t be afraid, the person cannot judge the short person because the fact of being height is when that person reaches teenager or twenties years old.

Here is the step how to count the natural height before 18 

  • Calculate your parent height by using rule.
  • If you have calculated your parent height, you just for the boy plus five inches from the result of calculating measure from your parent, and for the girl just minus five inches from the result of 
  • calculating measure from the parent.
  • The last is you just divided by two from the result of plus for the boy and minus for the girl.
  • The result from the answer about is like you hope. You just take 2 – 3 inches or give 2 – 3 inches.

Approximately It is simple calculation ways to know the height, finally it is must be close.

How much sleep do you need to grow taller

Some experts said that sleeping can reach maximum height, and it is can happen to both teenager and pre teenager. Sleeping time for both teenager and pre teenager is about seven hours at a night. 

By removing your noisy sleeping, you can make sure that you are get enough sleep and turn off the unimportant light when you are sleeping. That makes your sleeping environment quite. Some people hard to fall asleep and they feel stress. If those troubles happen to you, you have to attempt take bath. It makes your body fresh and don’t forget to drink a glass of milk of a cup of tea before going to the bed. Many experts said that pituitary gland is producing the growth hormone when people sleep deeply and fast asleep.

 In short, the sleeping time feel good and can support the production of HGH. Few doctor argue that hold HGH treatment in height study were simple and expensive. Here is tips to get the medicine, such medicine must have licensed and authorized physician. Don’t buy HGH creams, powders, pills or non – prescription injection without licensed and authorized physician.

Foods that help grow taller naturally

Taking all the nutrients to the body that you need will help you to make your body easier to grow up. One thing, remember that if you are consuming enough much calories every time in your activities to your body, suddenly your body will get energy to grow up. Sometimes when you are doing diet activities, you should add supplement to your body. This is done to make sure that the body will get some vitamins and mineral. Here some nutrient that you looking for make your diet activities:

Foods that help grow taller

Calcium will help your sturdy bone or avoid from osteoporosis and can help your bone growth. You can find some natural calcium in white bean, canned salmon, sardines, dried figs, Chinese cabbage (bok choy), blackstrap molasses, kale, black eyed pie, almonds, orange, turnip green, sesame seed, seaweed, instant oatmeal, orange juice, and soy milk.

Vitamin D can avoid your body to be stunt, and can support your body, especially to your muscle, bone, and your growth. You can find some vitamin D in mushroom, fish or fish oil supplement, and take your spare time to take your body in the sun.

Protein is source of essential macro nutrient that needed for growth and building block for your body. You can find some protein in meat, fish, cheese, tofu, nuts, beans, lentils, seeds, yogurt, and eggs.

ZINC IS the source mineral that needed by our body to regulate a sense of smell, keep your immune system grow up, fill the protein to the body and make it solid creating new enzymes and DNA. Deficient zinc can obstruct growth to the body for youngster. You can find zinc in the seafood, beef and lamb, wheat germ, spinach's, pumpkin and squash seed, nut, cocoa and chocolate, bean, and mushroom. Animal foods are better sources food of zinc rather than plant food.

Flex seeds are also help to increase height naturally they are rich in vitamins and fatty acids like omega 3 and omega and with natural plant based phyto blends that help to increase growth hormone in both men and women. 

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My finals words- How to increasing the height after 18

Increase height after the age of 18 is possible by natural ways that i mention in this post on the other hand you can do some more thing to increase your height after 18 like jumping exercise and light weight training,running,swimming and skipping exercise at home.

all the exercise are natural and can be done at home without anybody help and if you are really serious about your height then start making your height exercise schedule today and get the feel how your hormone like HGH and testosterone all are helping you to increase height naturally.

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How to get personal trainer job in new Zealand

As  a indian guy I am also dreaming to work in new zealand as a perosnal trainer, because of its culture beauty and easy living. I am planning to work in nz since 10 years, but due to my blood cancer I am not able to apply  for job there and I am not getting work visa for fitness job. But here I want to share my experience and tips to get direct job in nz from India.

How to get Personal trainer job in new Zealand

New zealand work visa requirements 

Although getting work visa for new zealand is hard these days because of changing in visa rules and regulation. If you apply for visa on your own I am sure you will not get working visa, so what are other option to apply for job there. 

There is one best option to seek help of nz immigration agents who can help you with all paper work and make your best profile and resume, work experience and describe you all the things about new Zealand.

Second option apply to get tourist visa for new zealand, this option cost you some money, but at least you get all the exposure of nz cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

once you get the tourist visa in hand and reach your dream destination to live and explore and feel to touch of nz. 

Well you are free to side seen in nz if you have extra money and shopping in nz. But let me remind you are here to visit nz agents lawyers and immigration to know how you can settle in new Zealand and work policy and permanent residents visa. I will give good example what you can do in new Zealand, there are  lot of fitness job opportunities in nz, still they are seeking for fitness trainer in new Zealand for clubs like snap fitness, anytime fitness and YMCA clubs, these are top fitness and health clubs in New Zealand.

  • You just need to prepare your fitness resume and find health clubs who are seeking for personal trainer and fitness instructor can not work there but you can take the experience how interview are conducted in nz for fitness jobs. What question they ask you interview, interview are conducting every week in nz and anyone can sit for the interview and because no one knows might be company will recruit you and help you with working visa and sponsor you to worn in nz.

Third option You can apply for job directly from India  via email the health clubs that you are seeking for fitness job and want to work in nz. Here I will share my experience when I apply for job by sending resume to clubs via my email address, I got the answer from the club in one week for my job said we have go through your resume we like your profile and if you are new Zealand we will have a interview with you on this date, my reply to them that I am from India and want  to work in this beautiful country cab you provide us working visa, reply from health club no we don't provide work visa and but whenever you land in our country let us know we will have a interview with you, this is really very positive mail from nz health club.

What  are  the qualification to work in nz

Every country has its own terms and condition, for new zealand there is different qualification frame work for fitness industry. If you are beginner you need level 2 reps certification to work as a fitness instructor job in nz. After 1 years experience you can go for level 3 person training certification to work as a personal trainer in nz.

Although courses in new zealand are from level 1 to level 8 

  • Level 1 basic study of fitness for learning only
  • Level 2 study of fitnes with practice training
  • Level 3 personal training certification
  • Level 4 advanced fitness trainer certification
  • Level 5 diploma in sports science
  • Level 6 diploma in sports and exercise
  • Level 7 degree three year degree in exercise science
  • Level 8 post graduate degree in sports and exercise.
  • Level 9 phd in sports and exercise.

On the other hand you need reps certification to work in nz level 2 and level 3 is good to work three, as a  Indian you don't Indian reps certification, although Indian reps certification are valid in nz but you don't get a job in nz from this certification, you must study fitnes certification from nz if you panning to work on nz. Because its better to take Certification from there it will help you understand the fitness industry of new Zealand and pros and cons to work on new Zealand. 

Personal trainer nz salary:

Average basic salary of fitness trainer in New zealand is 2000 nz dollars depends on the health clubs and your experience in fitness industry. 

I know guys some Indian guys work on Australia and nz getting handsome salary because of there work quality and ability to make good personal training clients and work for 12 hours a day to earn hard money. 

In nz salary depend on working hours if you work for a 8 hours a day and your hourly pay is 12 hour a dollar then your basic monthly salary is around 1800 to 2200 dollars. 

New zealand rent house:

Well its really a tough question its depend on city and where you are living in the apartment and 2 to 3  bedroom sharing flat but one thing I will assure, you must pay the rent for a two-bedroom unfurnished apartment range from $150 per week in cheaper areas, such as Dunedin and Rotorua, to between $350 and $500 per week in central Auckland and Wellington.

My final words:

In my opinion new Zealand is great place to work settle with family but there is always pros and cons of every new  place and jobs, so if you are planning to go for work in newzealand be sure to check all the things and doing your own research, does it really beneficial to leave your home country and start with zero in nz country. And how many year you will get permanent resident and how you will survive in new Zealand, and how you will find a part time job in nz what is th rent and part time income in nz, at last i could say check your bank balance before gonto new zealand because of some circumstances are not good in New Zealand you can always have option to come back to your home country.

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What is muscle hypertrophy and workout plan for hypertrophy

What is muscle hypertrophy? 

We would like you to understand muscle hypertrophy in the simplest terms here.
When you do a heavy weight lifting and also reduce your reps, that means you only have 6-8 reps for raising your muscles. Now you want to know what happens when you just put 6-8 reps, then the size of your muscles cells changes. And to make this change, you have to work hard for months.
So in short muscle hypertrophy means increase in the size of muscles.

Muscle hypertrophy definition Hypertrophy reps range to build muscles mass

Types of muscle hypertrophy

Sacroplasmic hypertrohy 

We told you what the muscle hypertrophy is and how it works. Now we will tell you that there are two types of hypertrophy

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. means that when you exercise your muscles, you increase the amount of glycogen in your muscles cells and lift the weight with full force. For example, if you are exercising chest press, with heavy weights and the reps are just 8 to 10. This means that exercises help in the growth of your muscles, which we know as hypertrophy.

Myofibril hypertrophy

Myofibril hypertrophy means increase in the size of myofibrillal cells. Now you want to know how these cells increase. Many of our cells connect with myofibril and every cell contains many myofibrils cells. For example, if you are squatting and trying to take more weight than your capacity, then your body gives you signals that you are trying to hurt your body. This is because your body automatically reacts and starts a self-process, to heal yourself. So you should take the load according to your capacity so that your muscles are not breakdown. next time when you life heavy weight keep your overload principle in the range.

Hypertrophy reps range:

Most of the bodybuilders using hypertrophy movement to increase the size of there muscles power and lifting techniques.if you are beginners you can always want to try hypertrophy exercise because lot of high school graduate and new to muscle building heard about it that this type of training help them to build more muscles mass and gain. 

Do you know as a beginner you can not lift such heavy weight in the beginning of the muscle development and its just your start doing heavy reps and good muscle take years to build and either you are doing heavy weight training.

Also its depend on you goal what you want to do,build muscle mass or do endurance training because both have difference in the training and techniques.for example you want to build muscle mass and you are doing intermediate muscle building,then what should be your repetition to gain strength and muscle fibers.

For building muscle your reps should be between 8 to 12 to to increase the size of biceps and shoulders and chest and back,these are major muscle group which can be perform with heavy weight to gain maximums strength.

Many people doing hypertrophy training to build muscle but not everyone can make it because its depend on your body type mesomorph mesomorph and endomorph and type of muscle fiber you have. for example, if you are exercising, and your reps are only 6-8. This means that you are lifting heavy. That's why your reps are low, and it is very important for you to have these reps, otherwise you will not be able to grow your muscles. Most people do not lift heavy weight because they have not god gifted and not have good genes to build muscles.

Moreover to achieve your goals as a bodybuilders your proper training and dedication and goal plays the most important role the gain muscles mass and size. so next time when you hit the gym do reps of only 6-8 with heavy weight and rest between exercise should be 60 seconds for proper muscle fiber growth and its also help you to raise your testosterone levels during exercise sessions.

Hypertrophy workout Training For beginners

  • Monday- Chest -shoulder-triceps
  • Tuesday- Squats back and biceps
  • Wednesday-Rest no cardio at all 
  • Thursday-Same as chest shoulder and triceps
  • Friday-same as squats back and biceps
  • Saturday- rest no cardio at all 
  • Sunday-rest no cardio at all 

This program is followed by three muscles group which cover all the parts on weekly basis its also focus on time between each exercise group to achieve maximum strength. usually you must train each muscle at least two times a week for maximum fiber growth of muscles cells.also maintain the rest period for muscle recovery which is 48 hours to 72 hours,because your muscles need time to recover from breakdown of tissues and cells.

Hypertrophy diet:

Meal (1) Wake up 6:00 am have 2 whole eggs and one cup dalia ,whole wheat pasta and 2 capsule of glut amine to start your day.

Meal (2) At 9:00 am have 2 whole egg and 2 eggs white with one glass of milk one cup and 2 slice of multigrain bread.

Meal (3) At 11:00am weight gain shake with one banana large+oats half cup+peanut butter +1 scoop of whey protein+2 table spoon peanut butter+250 ml of milk+honey added if you like.

Meal (4) AT 2:00pm-lunch have 2 multigrain chapati+small bowl of rice+1 whole egg boiled or piece of cottage cheese+beans+green vegetable any+curd 1 cup+cucumber half plate

Meal (5) At 4:30pm 2 banana as pre workout meal,before exercise sessions.

Workout Time - 5pm to 7pm in the evening with high intensity exercise.

Meal (6) Post workout whey scoop 1 serving with simple carb meal such banana,orange juice,or glucose with water.

Meal (7) Dinner have brown rice half plate with 5 eggs white and green vegetable or chickpeas+small plate salad

Meal (8) After 2 hours of dinner have one glass of milk 200 ml with whey scoop 1 serving or half scoop if you are a beginner guy,its help you to make nitrogen balance at night and help prevent breakdown of muscle for 6 hours.

This meal plan can be followed by at least 3 hours gap between each meals for proper digestion and absorption and do not try to overeat,because overeating never give you any benefits besides bloating and indigestion.

My final words hypertrophy training is really good for healthy life and build strength in your body and but a good nutrition plan with 6 to 7 meals and taking good level of protein play the same important role in building muscles fast:

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