What are five components of fitness?

The major five components of fitness help you to achieve your fitness goal.

  • Muscular strength
  • Cardiovascular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition
Five (5) components of fitness how they help you to achieve your total fitness and workout goals muscular strength,cardiovascular endurance,muscular strength,flexibility,body composition.

Muscular strength means how much weight you can lift in 1 repetition, for example, you are doing the chest press exercise with a barbell and you are lifting 60kg weight maximum on the chest press. This is your muscular strength amount of force your muscles can produce in one repetition.

Cardiovascular endurance means the aerobic capacity and the ability of the heart and lungs to fuel your body with oxygen and proper nutrient during intense cardio activity and sessions. For example, jogging,  swimming, cycling are the best exercises to test your cardiovascular endurance.

Muscular endurance means the amount of repetition perform with a single exercise, for example, you are doing a chest press with 40kg and you make 20 reps-30 reps with 40kg bench press continuously and without fatigue.
Push-ups and sit-ups test are the most common exercises to test muscular endurance.

Flexibility means how flexible you are, and stability and mobility and range of motion of specific joints for example legs stretching and toes touch and lunges and functional movements are the most common exercise which uses flexibility movements.
The common sit and reach test performs in many health clubs and gyms for check flexibility.

Body composition means your percentage of body fat and lean body mass. weight and your body mass index according to your height age and gender. The most common test is body composition analysis machines (bioelectrical impedance) skinfold calipers and in gyms to perform body test which measures your LBM and male and female body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate and total energy expenditure and your daily calorie intake. Some other measurement body pod and DEXA and underwater hydrostatic weighing.

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