Aerobic exercise vs anaerobic exercise and its benefits for health

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise means with oxygen when you do a cardio workout like running on a treadmill  for 20 minutes your heart will pump and deliver oxygen-rich blood and nutrient to your muscle and release adinostriphosphte sustain ATP during a workout session, our body has a tendency to save energy whenever we are in survival state like in cardio your body use carbohydrate-protein and fat as a fuel during cardio activity. So you must do your cardio activity at least 45 minutes if you want to burn your fat as a fuel source, do you know when you running 10 km your body is in the condition called aerobic glycolysis.

aerobic workout vs anaerobic workout for cardiovascular fitness

Moreover, aerobic exercise help to reduce depression symptoms and anxiety symptoms in men and women by releasing happy hormone serotonin in the brain which gives you the feeling of happiness.

Example of aerobic exercise light jogging activity jogging for 6 km a day.

  • A brisk walk in Park for 45 minutes.
  • Stationary bike and hiking.
  • Swimming is the best cardio activity it is good for the heart and delivers a proper supply of oxygen to your brain and heart. 
However, do you know that aerobic exercise can change into aerobic when performing at a high level of intensity?

What is Anaerobic exercise:

Anaerobic is an exercise in which your body can't produce oxygen, anaerobic means without oxygen when you do strength exercises such as weight lifting and bodybuilding your body produces the hormone called lactic acid which slows down the energy levels of muscle set after set of strength training. anaerobic helps to build strength and muscle fiber cells and increase stamina, on the other hand when you do high-intensity exercises like squats, chest press, back exercises it helps to increase your testosterone levels and growth hormone and dopamine.

 whereas testosterone is the only muscle building hormone to build muscle, a low level of testosterone can not produce good results and decrease strength in adults. Check your doctor by given  simple blood tests to the lab can show your testosterone levels reports.

Example of anaerobic exercise:

  • Strength training activity in the gym by lifting weigh
  • Fast sprinting and running
  • Circuit training for fat loss
  • Cycling and jumping exercises
  • step aerobics

Basically cardiovascular exercises that consist of short-time physical effort with high-intensity training movements is anaerobic activity. simple cardio workout and interval training and aerobic and anaerobic can help you to achieve your weight loss results fast.

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