The Ultimate Guide to Dumbbell Back Exercises At Home

Dumbbell back exercises at home, There are many ways to do back exercises at home,back is a major muscle cover two muscles latissimus dorsi  and trapezius muscle and serratus anterior muscles.

Dumbbell Back Exercises At Home

To build back at home, you need dedication to build your back, I train my back muscles twice a week with rope exercises and Chin Up Exercises and Homemade Cable Rowing and Dumbbell Rowing and Single Arm Dumbbell Rowing. All the exercises are helping me to increase my back muscles.

Back exercises at home with dumbbells

Here are some compound back exercise to make your back strong.

  • Single arms dumbbell row 
  • Dumbbell rowing 
  • T bar rowing wit dumbbell
  • Both arm dumbbell row 
  • Chin ups exercise with dumbbell 
  • Dumbbell pullover for back
  • Rope exercise for back
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On the other hand you need to invest some money to make  your own home gym, first of all  buy some dumbbell and ropes and make you own homemade chin ups stand, and cable row and T bar at home.

Above all the exercises are make your back muscle flexible and help you train your back muscle and cover all the muscles of back.

Here are some more back muscle exercise:

10 Best Back Moves for Building Muscle with machines 

  • Kettlebell Swings. 
  • Barbell Deadlift. 
  • Barbell Bent-Over Row. 
  • Pull-Up. 
  • Dumbbell Single Arm Row. 
  • Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row.
  • Inverted Row
  • Lat Pull-Downs.

Tips for training back muscle- 

Train your back muscles at least twice a week and eat 6-7 meals a day, and do not only train the back muscles, always training back in the combination of back and biceps or squat back and biceps exercise.

Train with heavy weight, light weight does not help increase your muscles of the back, they are just like wasting time in the gym.

Try some hypertrophy movements for back exercise 6 to 7 repetition of each back exercise with rest 90 seconds between to increase testosterone levels and huge back muscles gains.

Take one week off when your back muscle stop growing,sometimes its better to take break from bodybuilding workout routine to recover from injuries and rest for muscles.

Eat protein with every meals at least 30 percent of daily calorie energy expenditure according to your muscle building goals.

Try different training for back muscles to grow fast such as functional tanning and TRX Workout.

Thank you for reading the post i hope it will give you some important information about back exercise and help you to train your back,also for more information visit our link vikas fitness guide

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