Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fitness trainer average salary and how to start a carrier in health and fitness.

What's is the salary of a fitness trainer:

Fitness trainer average salary depends on many factors your certification in fitness and your city and country. If you are staring your carrier as a fitness trainer first a basic fitness certification of level-1 and CPR certification to start your carrier in fitness industry.when you apply for a fitness trainer job as a fresher in fitness industry you don't expect to get a good salary.

Fitness trainer average salary and ace and acsm certified persoanl trainer salary in dubai

In India most of the gym pay average salary of 8000 Rs to 15000 Rs in starting when you works as a floor fitness trainer and guide clients regarding exercise movements and help them to follow workout cards. It may take one year to two year in starting when clubs see your potential towards the client and getting personal training clients and incentive on clients personal training. 

Also for upgrade your position from fitness trainer to personal trainer you must do a level 3 personal training certification from respected fitness organization for example (ACSM) American college of sports medicine, (ACE) American council of exercise, and (NSCA) National strength and conditioning associations, (ISSA) International sports science association. These all certification are NCCA accredited from national commission certifying agency and ace is Reps accredited certification(Registered Exercise Professionals). 

Once your are certified with any organization above you will work with health clubs as a personal trainer. We recommend to go for ace certification because it is reps and NCAA accredited. On the other hand if you apply for Dubai as a personal trainer you must have reps registered trainer certification work in Dubai as a personal trainer. Now the question out in your mind what is basic salary of personal trainer in Dubai the average basic salary of fitness trainer in Dubai is 3500dhiram and ace certified trainer salary 4000 dhiram also you will get incentive of 80-100 dhiram per 1 hour pt sessions. 

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