How to calculate target heart rate?

Target heart rate means the minimum number of beats per minute to reach your fitness goals. Target heart rate have different heart rate zones can be calculated according to age and gender.

Target heart rate example would be like you are exercising and your heart rate is 130-150 beats per minute to burn fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

target heart rate zones and how to calculate taget heart rate and maximum heart rate


Types of target heart zones

  • Aerobic zone target heart rate (40-50%)
  • Anaerobic zone target heart rate (80-90%)

  • In aerobic exercise target heart rate zone is 40-50 percent for men women, for example, you have set your target heart rate at 145 beats per minute and doing a cardio activity like cycling and treadmill exercise for 1 hour. Heart rate with low intensity will help you to burn more fat and increase your cardio output.
  • In anaerobic exercise zone, you are exercising without oxygen with a target heart zone of 80 to 90 percent which is extremely high-intensity training with major exercise like squats and chest press and back exercise which help you to define your high-intensity target heart rate.

Target heart rate zones by the intensity
  • 40-50% low intensity
  • 50-60% average intensity
  • 60-70% high intensity
  • 80-90% very high intensity used by athletes only

Target heart rate Karvonen Formula and calculation:


Calculation of maximum heart rate (MHR) =220-age

For example, your age is 24 --Formula of MHR is 220-Age

220-24=196 (MHR)

You are doing anaerobic activity strength training.

 The percentage of target heart rate is 70% to 80%
If you are using Karvonen formula then you must know your resting heart rate before applying this formula.

The basic formula of the target heart rate which applies in most of the health clubs and very easy to calculate

220-age =220-24=196 MHR
Your intensity levels is 70 to 80 %
Multiply 196 *. 800 = 156 BPM (THR)

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