Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What are main Fitt principle of fitness for physical fitness

The FITT Principle Of Fitness:

The major principle of fitness to monitor your fitness levels and physical fitness and how long you workout on the gym. And how they help you achieve your fitness goal.


  • Frequency-how often you workout for example you do exercise for 5 days a week.
  • Intensity- how hard you exercise and intense your workout.
  • Time- it mean time you spend in the gym.
  • Type- which type of exercise you do on gym cardio and functional training are example of type.
Frequency is the main principle of fitness in Fitt,you must set your frequency level of exercise,what is your goal to achieve great physique and fitness, so adjust the number of days of exercise per week
it will improve your overall fitness.

Intensity is very important aspects of fitt it mean how long you can workout in the gyms and lift weight and challenge your heart rate and beats per minutes,the best way to measure your intensity levels with sports watch and pulse meter and blood pressure measuring machine to know how intense is your workout.

Time is an important part of principle of fitness that how many hours you spend time in exercising also the time is depend on the type  of exercising like aerobic and anaerobic activity  you are doing in the gym.

Type means what the type of workout you are doing and selecting the right type of exercise is help to achieve your fitness goals fast.for example of exercise type like cardio exercises cycling,sprinting,jogging and other types of exercise are strength training,circuit training,tabata training exercise and zumba exercise and step-up exercises movements.

 To choose the right exercise help you to weight loss and fat loss by selecting the major muscles and compound movements an basics exercise to start with chin ups and push ups and dips are most common exercise for development of muscle endurance and strength.

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