How to do Gmsa Personal trainer course from guru mann gmsa fitness academy

What is the gmsa fitness academy? 

Gmsa is a fitness academy called the guru Mann sports association and has recently launched the fitness academy name GMSA with new updates and courses for fitness and athletes for basic knowledge of the sport and exercise science nutrition. 

Gmsa fitness academy has accreditation with India reps society and sports authority of India and skills India and government of India recognize, this is the first fitness academy have government affiliation and have level 1 and level 2 and level 3 and level 4 certification for fitness and exercise. 

Guru mann gmsa fitness academy and gmsa fitness certification and course fees and details

Which certification provides gmsa fitness academy. 

  • Certified personal trainer course level 1 and level 2 and level 3 courses. 
  • Certified nutrition coach. 
  • Cpt+cnc certification combo offer. 

Certified personal trainer course and CPT+CNT combo certification which is reps certified and giving you basic knowledge of human anatomy and nutrition and cover topics like exercise physiology and kinesiology and injury rehabilitation and sports nutrition.

The course length is almost three months with 3 years of validation and you can study the course online and offline by conduction classes in Delhi gurugram and Punjab. 

The 45 percent is passing marks for the course and if you fail the exam retake fees should be 1500rs only. 

What are the fees structure of gmsa fitness courses?

For certified personal training course fees is around 18000 Indian rs cover all the basic topics to get the job in the fitness industry. 

For certified nutrition coach fees should be 18000 Indian rs cover all the basic nutrition. Although this course for basic nutrition knowledge you will not become a nutritionist or expert dietitian. 

For combo certification, cpt+cnc fees are 28800 Indian rs with level 4 certification.

How to start with gmsa fitness?

  • What is the eligibility to get certified?
You must be 18 and over. There is no bachelor's degree required but the candidate should have the basic knowledge to understand the various terms.

  • How do I pay?
Gmsa are accepting all Credit Card / Debit Card / ATM Card / PAYTM / NET BANKING / UPI/EMI, etc. They can take Cashier Check at our Offline location as well.

  • After passing my exam how soon can I get the certification?
Gmsa mail the certification in 7-10 days. Also, your name will be listed on the GMSA website and all other GMSA social platforms

Final words:

My final world's gmsa is a good certification to start a career in the fitness field and it is a certification for student and learners who are new to the fitness and want to get knowledge about fitness science and exercise science and get practical training to train personal training client at home and gym health clubs. Moreover, you can't compare the gmsa with the American council on exercise and American college of sports medicine certification because they are experts in the field of fitness and all other fitness organizations follow there exercise guidelines and practical training. 


  1. Sir men IFPA se Personal Trainer Course karna chahta hun please mujhe batayein GMSA se Sai rahega ya IFPA se IFPA se sir do sal bad jo phir se renew certificate fees bhirne perte hein ye bohat expensive hai please bataien kiya karon?

  2. hello bt bro GMSA IS WORTH IT TO GET JOB ?

  3. Hi,can u share your contact number so that we can get more details about the course,fee,duration of the classes and many more....plz

  4. Can you give ur contact number so we can get more details about the course.

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  6. In Punjab it's available or not


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