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Complete guide how to get a job in new Zealand from India

How to get a job in new Zealand from India As a  Indian guy I am also dreaming to work in new Zealand, because of its culture beauty and easy living. I am planning to work in NZ since 10 years but due to my blood cancer I am not able to apply for job there and I am not getting works visa for fitness job. But here I want to share my experience and tips to to direct job in NZ from India. 
Although getting work visa for new Zealand is hard these days because of changing in visa rules and regulation. If you apply for visa on your own I am sure you will not get working visa, so what are other option to apply for job there. There is one best option to seek help of NZ immigration agents who can help you with all paper work and make your best profile and resume, work experience and describe you all the things about new Zealand.

New Zealand work visa requirements for Indian citizens
Second option apply for get tourist visa for new Zealand, this option cost you money  but at least you get all t…

How to study sports science in India with best colleges

What is sports science?

Sports science is a field of study which describe us about how human body respond to physical exercise and sports,and how our body function when you do any sports activity, such as plying soccer,cardio training and swimming.The main focus areas in sports science to study are physiology (exercise physiology), psychology (sport psychology), anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry and biokinetics.

A sport and exercise science degree covers three core areas:

  • Biomechanics – The study of human body movements, involving the principles of physics and maths.
  • Physiology – The study of how the body and its systems respond during exercise such as cardiovascular training,strength training exercises.
  • Psychology – The study of how thinking affects performance in sports and exercise.

Sports science as a career:

A sport and exercise science degree is not like Physical education teacher at school. You can expect practical sessions and laboratory work,injuries session and solving high class athletes injuries but be prepared to ditch the trainers and learn the theory that you can then apply to sport and exercise.

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In the modern world, sport has become extremely huge business. From the billion dollar elite world of professional sport to the equally significant personal fitness sector, the impact of sport on both individual lives and the global economy cannot be understated. As long as civilization has existed, we’ve looked for ways to increase sports performance, raise levels of physical fitness and well being, reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery, and bring sports research together through this shared celebration of the human body and its capabilities.

Sports science careers range from roles in sports management and marketing through to personal training, physiotherapy and nutritional consultancy. Whether you like the idea of being involved in the world of international sports celebrities, or want to help all kinds of people improve their lives through sports participation, a sports science degree could provide the professional knowledge and training you need to help people to achieve there fitness goals.

Entry requirement in sports science degrees:

Most universities ask for as a minimum one science A degree or high school diploma out of biology, human biology, chemistry, maths and physics, and some choose biology or chemistry. Some universities accept  high school diploma or have diploma in sports science level-5 level-6 and others need psychology subject, so long as you studied sports and physical education.

The 1st year of your degree will be a broad overview of sport and exercise science and you will typically study between six and eight compulsory modules. These will include introductions to biomechanics, physiology and psychology, alongside topics such as:

  • Instructing and education
  • Sports management
  • Sociology of sport
  • Physical activity and health
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Clinical; nutrition
  • Kinesiology
  • Motor control
  • Introduction to anatomy

List of top five sports science colleges in India:

Institute of sports science and technology (pune):

ISST, founded on twenty sixth October 2008, is the center for sports schooling. ISST is the primary institute in INDIA supplying publications in Sports Education & Sports Management Education. Modern recreation covers a wide range of subjects such sports science and exercise technological know-how and exercising physiology and human anatomy and sports activities medicine and sports management  and nutrients

Courses offered by Isst Pune:

  • Distance Masters Programme in sports Management (DMPSM)
  • Distance Masters Programme in Sports Science 
  • Distance Masters Programme in Sports and exercise nutrition
  • Distance Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition (DDSEN)
  • Distance diploma in sports management 
  • Distance diploma in sports science 
  • Distance diploma in sports medicine 
  • Distance diploma in sports and exercise psychology
  • Certification in sports dentistry
  • Diploma in sports technology

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (Patiala)

NIS Patiala India which is likewise Asia’s biggest Sports Institute is housed within the palatial huge building and sprawling lawns built with the aid of the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala whose descendants committed this complicated for the merchandising of sports to the humans of India publications provided by way of nis patiala

Courses offered by Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports:

  • Diploma in sports coaching 
  • in sports coaching
  • B.SC. in physical education 
  • Certification in sports coaching
  • Post graduate diploma in sports medicine

Punjabi University:

Punjabi University is a state college situated in Patiala, Punjab, India. Punjabi University educates and inquires about in science, designing and innovation, humanities, sociologists, performing expressions and sports.It was set up on the 30 April 1962, and is just the second college on the planet to be named after a language, after Hebrew University of Israel. Initially it was imagined as a unitary multi-personnel instructing and investigate college, fundamentally implied for the advancement and improvement of Punjabi language and culture, yet alive to the social and training prerequisites of the state.

Courses offered by punjabi university-

  • M.Sc. Sports Sciences (2 Year Program) 
  • PG Diploma in Health Fitness Trainer (Sports Sciences) 1 Year Program 
  • Diploma in sports science (one year program)
  • M. Phil 1.5 Year in sports nutrition and sports physiology and clinical nutrition sciences and exercise physiology and kinesiology 

Indra gandhi institute of physical education and sports science:

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) is one of the leading institution that also houses the Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences under the Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary and Applied Sciences , University of Delhi offering all the categories of teacher training courses in physical education. The institute was established on 3rd August, 1987 by the Delhi Administration under the auspices of the University of Delhi

Courses offered by college:

  • M.ped
  • B.ped
  • P.hd in science
  • pe,he,sc

Manipal school of allied health sciences:

Courses offered first college in India with bachelor of sports and exercise science degree 
an interdisciplinary field that explores the nature of human movement and how the body responds to acute and chronic physical exercise exertion from fitness training and, recreational and professional sports.

Exercise science encompasses disciplines of exercise and sport physiology, movement analysis, training and conditioning and, sport and exercise psychology. Sport Science is a sub discipline that explores the factors influencing sport performance and strategies to improving it. 
There is growing demand for exercise and sports scientists around the globe:

Content of this programe:
  • Exercise and Sports Physiology
  • Movement Analysis and motor units
  • Training and strength conditioning
  • Nutrition and Human Performance
  • Sports and Exercise Psychology

Work scope in sports science:

Graduates on completion, will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to work in Sports medicine centers, professional sports organizations, corporate fitness/wellness industries and occupational health as

  • Heath and fitness trainer
  • Sports exercise specialist
  • Exercise physiologist
  • sports science consultant
  • Biomechanic  (kinesiology the study of human movements)
  • Giving nutrition guidelines 
Elegibility criteria:

Eligibility for admission in B.Sc (Exercise and Sports Science)
Duration: 4 years inclusive of 6 months compulsory Internship & Project.
Citizenship: Indian nationals

Eligibility for admission: Pass in 10+2,ALevel, IB,American12thGradeor equivalent with:Physics, Chemistry and English with Biology or Mathematics for admission to  with a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and any one of the optional subjects.

My final words sports science degree has wide scope in different sports and exercise science field you can works as a high class health and fitness instructor for celebrities and train business people also works in hospitals as a athletic trainer and injury prevention in sports and medicine.Moreover this sports science degree for only people who have keen interest in sports and exercise science study and somehow they are playing sports or they are athletic trainer and want to become a sports science scientist and research in this field.

Also read more post about sports science degree in india-


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