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Sports medicine degree-career in sports medicine in India

Sports medicine degree:

Sports medicine is a field of study related to sports injuries like ligament and muscle strain and cramps and muscle tear,They also have knowledge of preventing muscle injury in children adults and high level athletes.

Sports medicine doctors also deal with personal training injuries for  sports team and active people.

They also deal with patients with clinical injuries such s asthma,diabetic and cancer and hypertrophy disease musculoskeletal injuries and bone problems,and increase performance of sports and athletes and make workout plan for sports person to increase there ability of muscle and strength.

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Although sports teams in India have employed sports medicine physician to help there team regarding sports ,exercise and athletic issues. Moreover they also work in hospital and health clubs and government hospitals.

Career in sports medicine in India

Sports Medicine has wide scope due to high demands of sports medicine doctors and sports physician for sports injuries issues and bone related injuries to adults and older people who have bone problem and weak muscle. They are generally certified sports medicine specialist or orthopedician doctor who have training in emergency medicine and some doctor have surgical medicine training such as orthopedic doctors and sports professionals.

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Anyone become a sports medicine physician if have interest in sports and exercise and have background in science.because it's a field where you study about sports science and physical injuries and  advanced muscle anatomy and kinesiology(the study of human movements) 

Other professionals such as advanced physical trainer and master trainer in exercise can help with basic injuries of muscle and strains. 

  • Physical exercise therapists. They help with rehabilitate and recovery from injuries and fractures. 
  • Athletic trainers who are certified to support sports injuries and rehabilitate to treat sports people and high school sports kids. 
  • Nutritionists. They also assist you with sports nutrition plan to recover fast from sports injuries. 

When to see a sports physician doctor:

If you feel like you can not  lift weight properly and have muscle weakness while performing exercise and movement such as bowling or doing chest workout and pain in your muscle and swelling and severe pain while doing heavy strength training such as chest workout and shoulder exercises, then it's time to see your sports medicine doctor who can hep you with muscle injuries and may be he can check your x ray or muscle MRI should be done by your doctor to see the where the injuries has happen.

Examples of injuries treated by sports medicine doctors:

  • Ankle sprains and fractures
  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Ligaments and tendons
  • Low performance in sports
  • Heat illness prevention
  • Eating problems
  • Cartilage injuries

On the other hand sports medicine doctors advice on nutrition supplement, exercise injury prevention.
Some of the more common sport injuries are concussions, muscle cramps, ACL sprains, ACL tears, ankle knee sprains, rotator cuff tear.

Salary of sports medicine physician:

Sports Medicine specialist get handsome salary up to 30000 to 40000 per months which go upto 2.5 lakh per month, also the salary depend on many factors such as city experience in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Although as a fresher who have completed degree in sports medicine has getting only 20000 rs per month in India.

Although the percentage of sports medicine jobs in India is good because of the growing sports industry in India.

Sports Medicine colleges in India:

One of the best colleges I personally suggest which is institute of spots science technology have diploma in sports medicine courses and guru nanak dev University three year degree in sports science and medicine, and PhD programme, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (patiala) have course in post graduate diploma in sports medicine.

International colleges of sports medicine

  • American colleges of sports medicine
  • National academy of sports medicine 
  • Indian institute of sports medicine
  • National athletic trainer association
  • International sports science association USA provide online certificate in exercise therapy. 

My final words its your choice either you want to choose sports medicine as your career and or sports science as Career difference is only that sports medicine treat people with sports and exercise injuries and sports science degree come with both sports science and medicine degree. 

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