Bad Breath isn’t Good – How to Get Rid of It?

Many people will tell you in your face that you have bad breath.  These people will be your friends and family.  But many will not care to tell you that. They will just walk away from you.  They might also not remind you of your bad breath as you may get offended or feel hurt.  Regardless of whether anyone tells you or not, it is not good to carry bad breaths around.  You need to get rid of it.

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There are many ways you can get rid of bad breath yourself without needing a dental intervention or a dentistry guide.  Just be a little careful about your oral hygiene, make some extra efforts and in a few days, you will be free from bad breath.  Here are some steps you can take.

Be thorough with mouth cleaning:  It all starts with traditional tooth brushing.  The oldest and the most important part of oral hygiene is brushing your teeth.  Brush at least twice a day and a minimum for two minutes.  Bad breath is primarily caused due to decay of food leftover and bacteria.  

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There are many areas in your mouth where your brush cannot reach.  But these are the areas where the food or bacteria may find a safe haven.  Other things must follow the process of tooth brushing.

Tongue scraper:  Your tongue can house a lot of things that do not get cleaned while brushing.  So as many times as you brush (which should be minimum twice) daily, you must also clean your tongue.  You can get yourself a tongue cleaner, also called tongue scraper to clean your tongue.  However, you don’t always need a scraper.  If you don’t have one, you can use your brush or a spoon to clean your tongue.  

Tongue scraping may not be a very good idea for those who have high gag reflex sensitivity.  There are ways to reduce gag reflex sensitivity too.

Floss:  Floss regularly.  Floss not only helps remove bad breath, but it also helps in cleaning the area between your teeth of plaque and other food leftovers. 

Mouthwash: Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash helps disinfect the entire mouth and also helps in reducing the bad breath.

Your mouth should remain moisturized:  Dehydrated mouth is another reason for bad breath.  This is the reason why your breath odor is at its worst when you wake up in the morning. While sleeping, saliva production is lowest and your mouth becomes dry causing more bad breath.  Drink water very frequently.  Whenever your mouth gets dryPsychology Articles, you will feel it.  Never let it remain dry for a long time.  Moisturize it with water.  

Eat Banana:  Bad breath is also caused when you are on a low carbohydrate diet.  Eating banana or apples help you and may cause reduced bad breath. 

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