Gold gym personal trainer certification fees & course details

A person takes a gym membership to get fit. You can have specific goals, whether to lose weight, gain weight, general maintenance or maybe specific sports or even medical.

We all have different bodies and each individual is different, so it is sometimes beneficial to hire a personal trainer.

The expert coach's guide keeps you involved in a variety of different physical exercises so you don't get lost. Fitness trainers are thorough professionals who know how to keep people motivated to follow fitness programs. They plan the exercise program according to their individual needs. They will keep you constantly inspired and stimulated by keeping you involved in interesting activities.

Gold gym personal trainer certification fees & course details

Gold gym personal trainer certification fees & course details

A personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals. He is a coach, counselor, teacher, source of inspiration and motivation.

The Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute GGFI is the first International Fitness Management Institute in India. It offers certified courses in Fitness Management, Personal Training, and Spinning Instruction.

It covers a wide range of topics to comprehensively address and ensure the best international brand practices in India.

The 3-month courses are supervised by qualified Gold's Gym staff, and they also host conferences of the leading names in the international fitness industry with guaranteed internships and a first-hand opportunity to experience the physical training of world leaders in the same.

The GGFI offers the most exciting and up-to-date educational path to obtain industry-leading qualifications, as well as ongoing training in all aspects of the fitness industry.

Courses offered by golds gym fitness institute:

  • Golds gym Personal trainer certification
  • Gold gym Advanced personal trainer certification 
  • Fitness training certification and workshop certification 

Gold gym Personal trainer certification:

This is basic personal trainer certification which gives knowledge about complete fitness and human anatomy and body movements and how the body responds to the physical exercise training.

After completing this course a coach is qualified to work in gyms and leisure centers around the world, perform fitness assessments, design exercise programs, and train clients.

Course fees

Gold's gym personal trainer course fees 25000 Rupee including taxes.

Gold gym advanced personal trainer course:

This is an advanced personal trainer certification focus on advanced physical fitness training with people who have the disease and not able to do exercise on there own and need physical guidance for motivation.

Some of the chapters you will learn in this course like advanced human anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology and learn about the-

  • Bodyfitness testing 
  • Posture analysis and correction technique
  • Sports injury, prevention, and first aid
  • Special population
  • Basic nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • CPR and First aid

Course fees:

You need to pay 30000 rupees including taxes to become an advanced personal trainer.

Other courses are also offered by gold gym fitness institute like basic nutrition, yoga training, and aerobic training.

Benefits of becoming a golds gym personal trainer:

  • Your salary is between Rs. 8000 - Rs. 50,000 depending on what you are doing.
  • The working is very flexible. You can work in the gym or work independently outside the gym.
  • The advantages of working in a gym are that you have immediate access to hundreds of potential clients, access to high-end equipment.
  • If you are working outside the gym, you are not restricted to one place, it can be extremely convenient for your client to train in the comfort of your own home and the hours you work are entirely yours to decide.
  • You can also get an increment in your basic salary and commission according to your performance in the gold gym by terms and conditions of the company.

My final words:

If you are new to the fitness industry and looking for the best cheap fitness certification then golds gym personal trainer certification is the best choice, because it gives you all the knowledge you need to become a personal trainer and it is internationally recognized in golds gym. 

The only drawback of the golds gym fitness certification its, not REPS accredited and not works in some country just because it is not REPS member.

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