What is a Macrobiotic diet ?

The macrobiotic diet goes back to the history of the days before Hippocrates. It is said to be a very natural type of diet that consists of eating a large amount of grains and fruits and vegetables. Macrobiotics has been linked in history to cultures that had long and healthy lives. Cultures that have practiced the macrobiotic diet in the past include In, Chinese and Japanese cans, to name a few.

Macrobiotic diet

Is a macrobiotic diet healthy?

Supporters of the macrobiotic diet believe that the food we eat is closely related to our ability to be healthy and our well-being. The quality of the food we eat is also very important. They believe that the macrobiotic approach to diet is much more beneficial for good health than other dietary approaches. They also claim that there are many benefits to eating a diet that consists of natural or organic products instead of manufactured or processed foods from the macrobiotic diet.

The composition of the macrobiotic diet is given here as 50-60% whole grains, 25-30% vegetables and 5-10% beans and legumes. The rest of the diet should consist of fish and shellfish, seeds and nuts, seed and nut butters, condiments, sweeteners, fruits and drinks. Other naturally bred animal products may be included if necessary during the dietary transition or according to individual needs.

This diet works largely with the premise that everything must be in balance, even the food we eat daily. Some foods are considered Yin foods that are very stimulating and can cause energy depletion in the body. These foods include foods such as chocolate, alcohol, honey, coffee and some of the very spicy spices. Foods that are very dense and heavy are called Yang foods and can cause stagnation, since they require much more energy to digest through the body. These foods include poultry, meat and eggs.

Macrobiotic diet pros and cons

Macrobiotics goes further and suggests that the types of food and dishes that are prepared should adjust to the particular times of the year, the weather at that time, the age, sex, activity level and health of the person who follows the diet. It is meant for This sounds very complicated, but it is a fine art that is perfected for the individual for whom the diet is designed.

Proponents of macrobiotics have promoted that the diet will prevent and cure many health conditions. There have even been reports that if a person adheres to this type of diet, he can prevent and even cure cancer. Books have been written about the benefits of the macrobiotic diet for cancer prevention. However, recent studies show that the evidence that this is true is a coincidence at best. More studies on this are necessary before final conclusions can be reached on this issue and the benefit of diet in the prevention and possible cure of cancer and other diseases.

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