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Our users are interested in fitness articles, workout tips, and beauty tips, and diet which include the following-

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  • Strength and workout 
  • Workout strategies 
  • Workout plans for beginners
  • Body type 
  • Fitness tips 
  • Beauty tips 
  • Hair fall solution
  • Diet tips
  • Diet plan 
  • Weight loss tips
  • Weight gain tips
  • Keto diet

Terms and condition for guest posting:

  • Make sure you don't waste your time on scrape content. please write a unique article our blog is small but our dreams are big.
  • Your title should be 58 to 70 characters with an h1 heading.
  • Content is the king's use of main/focus/keyword and must be concise and user intent.
  • Use Google keyword planner to find the main focus/seed keywords.
  • Use long-tail keywords in h1 and h2 and h3 headings.
  • Readability is the most important thing don't do keyword stuffing everywhere as it doesn't make any sense
  • Your content should be easy to read and must be at least 1500words to 2000 words.
  • Link a maximum of two external links only per article. 
  • Your content should be unique plagiarism-free. Don't just copy-paste the other website content.
  • We are not going to publish something that has been posted elsewhere. 
  • If we already publish your post you cannot publish it somewhere else. 
  • Difficulty competition should be lower than thirty. 
  • Describe who you are in your full details with image and interest. 

Text format

  • Use Arial font and size 10.5 
  • Paragraphs should be no more than 3.5 lines long. 
  • Never lose your topic for off-topic - you're an expert, right?
  • Try to avoid long,over-complicated sentences. 
  • Be sure there are no red sentences. 


  • Create a conclusion that summarises what the reader should have learned. 
  • Ask a question(s) that encourages the reader to leave a comment. 


  • Images should be square or landscape. 
  • Infographics or mobile screenshots are an exception.
  • Proper image file types - we're in love with PNG and GIF format and you should be in love with them too.
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