How to get fitness trainer job in Dubai ?

Everyone is keen to get a Fitness trainer job in Dubai to want to work as a personal trainer well today I will describe each and everything about how to make a carrier in fitness in Dubai and how to get a personal training job in Dubai. 

How to get fitness trainer job in Dubai ?

For getting work as a fitness trainer is not easy in Dubai you need to work for 8to13 hours for getting enough money as a personal trainer if you join as fitness trainer in Dubai in fitness first your basics salary would be around 3500-4000 dirham with incentive on personal training sessions up to 100-120 dirham per session with terms and conditions.

Also, the best fitness certification for getting a job in Dubai is REPS registered certification like an ace,k11, and acsm and nsca and Issa certification.

 Now the question of how you can apply for a fitness job in Dubai. For getting join you can directly mail to fitness manager or managers and send there resume on fitness first email id’s which you can find on Dubai fitness first website for different clubs in Dubai. 

The second option you can contact via LinkedIn and social networks like Facebook to send your all details to managers that you have this qualification and certification in fitness and your experience in personal training and fitness trainer. 

If they like your resume and details they will contact you via email so don’t forget to mention your email I’d. Your interview is via Skype if you selected for an interview and if you selected in the first round you don’t need a second-round interview. 

After that, if you are selected for the job as a fitness trainer in Dubai they will send you flight tickets and work visas, you just need to send all your documents to hr team or manager team. Thank you and I hope you like the article. 

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