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Himalaya quista pro whey protein ingredients price and its full benefits

Himalaya has launch is new product Himalaya whey protein Quista Pro with price of 2000 rs only, the company claim they have the best ingredients and protein blends in there products. Moreover they are many whey protein brand are available in the market Amway whey protein and herbal life protein for weight loss and some sports nutrition brand such as Optimum Nutrition, universal nutrition, ultimate nutrition and iso pure.

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What is whey concentrate protein?

Quista Pro whey protein is concentrate whey protein its not a isolate whey protein but in my opinion concentrate protein is better for muscle building and fat loss and because its help you body to go into the anabolism state for more then 3 hours whereas isolate work in your body for 2 hours only, after two hours your body again go into the catabolism state, your body needs protein again after 2 hours for muscle recovery. On the other hand concentrate whey price is cheaper than isolate protein and it is not works best for healthy adults until you have some medical condition such as diabetic l, thyroid and or any other related disease, because isolate works good for diabetic and other medical conditions.

Himalya Quista pro is a whey protein concentrate blend supplement which helps gain lean muscle mass.It is among the first protein blend that contains all 3 forms of whey (Whey protein concentrate whey protein isolate whey protein hydro) all in one for maximum benefits.

How to take Himalaya whey protein?

Whey protein can be taken by any healthy adults who need to complete there daily protein requirements, and for vegetarian who are not able to take complete protein sources on daily basis. Its work best when you do workout regularly, just have your protein shake after post workout one serving of whey protein after 20 minutes of exercise or you can also take in pre workout prior to 1 hour before exercise for Nitrogen balance and muscle recovery during workout sessions.

Nutrition value of quista whey protein?

In quista whey you will get 22 grams of protein and 8.5 gram of carbs and 1.5 gm of fat in 34 gram serving of quista Pro whey
On the hand it has all vitamin and minerals and less sugar in every serving of whey.

It has also some Ayurveda ingredients such as--

Ashvagandha - it helps build muscle mass, Ashvagandha improves muscular strength and helps overcome fatigue. And improve oxygen level during workout session.

Hadjod - Improving bone and joint health, Hadjod promotes the recovery of injured connective tissue and relieves joint pain and give flexibility during exercise.

Pomegranate - it help in muscle soreness, and antioxidant in Pomegranate speeds up post-workout recovery give natural vitamin and minerals

Taurine - its a amino acid which help in Minimizing post work out injury, Taurine help in faster muscle recovery and growth.

Vitamin B Complex (B1, B6,B5,Pantothenic acid) helps in energy production and maintain your hormone levels and fuel up your nutrients.

Vitamin C and E help to fight against free radicals in the body promote healthy bones and prevent skin damage.

Features & details?

Quista Pro contains 3 whey protein blend, concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate for faster absorption

Fortified with peptides and taurine which minimize post injury workout and fastest recovery
Quista Pro is enriched with herbal remedies which develops bone health, build stamina and endurance and strength.

Fortified with minerals like calcium, Magnesium,potassium,  and all vitamins  for better bone health and skin and hair.

Enriched with BCAA -all branch chain amino acids which improves exercise performance and prevent muscle damage.

Enrich with faster and slower absorb protein for faster and slow recovery of muscle at night.


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