Quick Guide How To Make Personal Trainer Resume

To create a personal trainer resume you should know what you are going to write in the resume. Which topics do you cover, whether the interviewer likes your resume format and he can easily absorb your highlighted fitness topics?

The easy and simple format resume works best-getting job in Dubai as a personal trainer, so keep in mind next time when you make your resume make it simple because no one likes complicated resumes which takes time to understand.

Moreover, always make your resume on your own because the biggest mistake made by many people they do not make there resume on their own and when the interviewer asks them any question related to fitness, they are not able to answer properly.

How To Make Personal Trainer Resume,personal trainer resume

Here are the steps to make personal trainer resume-personal trainer profile examples:

  • First, type your name and address and country and state and passport number and mobile number, and don't forget to mention your email id in your resume.

  • Personal trainer resume objective-Type your career objective on your own language about fitness, make sure type only things that you know about do not type unwanted things in your career objectives.

  • write your education summary about your all degrees and diplomas do not write about fitness certification in this summary.

  • Professional fitness certifications-write about all your fitness certifications such as American council on exercise and Acsm certified personal trainer and Issa sports certification or any other certification which you have taken. 

  • Write about in brief about your computer knowledge, that you know about basic computer skills ms words, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint.Outlook.

  • Write about your work experience in brief, which clubs you worked as a personal trainer or fitness trainer and nutrition specialist. from June 2019 to June 2020 example.

  • Write about your additional knowledge you know about fitness, For this subject, you will get all the knowledge below how to write about additional knowledge in resume.

  • Now the last topics your favorite things about your daily interest make sure to include one interest which is related to fitness.

A short video on fitness trainer resume format-

Fitness Trainer Resume (Sample Format)


Address for example 134/88 Nanda Colony Civil Lines, Karni Vihar, Jaipur
Rajasthan 302019 (India)
Passport No-H112965(validity-(21/10/2008)-(20/10/2018)
Contact Number: +91 9610148233 Email Id: Vikasyadav84@hotmail.com


Seeking a full-time job as a personal trainer and food and nutrition in health and fitness that provides an excellent professional environment and paves the way for the early assumption of responsibilities & would like to grow with the organization, contribute to it, and finally rise to its decision-making and strategy formulating levels.


  • Diploma in sports science 2014 (Isst, Pune) Chicago USA(International sports professional association)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (2006) Lal Bahadur Shastri Pg College(University of Rajasthan)


  • Official ACSM (American college of sports medicine) certificate in nutrition and weight management

  • Certificate in nutrition and weight management (Exercise Science Academy (American college of sports medicine Approved)

  • Official workshop certificate from Bombay city ambulance on CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

  • Certified personal Trainer GFFI fitness academy (growth for fitness instructor)

  • Official ACSM (American college of sports medicine) certificate in Exercise and Sports Nutrition

  • Certificate in Exercise and Sports Nutrition (Exercise Science Academy, (American college of sports medicine Approved)


  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook


Worked in Gold S Gym and celebrity fitness as a Nutritionist and weight management specialist and personal trainer July17 2013


As a certified personal trainer and diet counselor I have knowledge of Exercise science like human anatomy, nutrition, and weight management, know about body type (Ectomorph, mesomorph,Endomorph) and how to help people with weight loss and weight gain and to make exercise schedule according to the body type ,furthermore I have knowledge of how to monitor heart rate (MHR, THR) and body composition.


  • Health and Fitness
  • Strength and fitness
  • Watching Health-Related Shows

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