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What is muscle hypertrophy and workout plan for hypertrophy

What is muscle hypertrophy? 

We would like you to understand muscle hypertrophy in the simplest terms here.
When you do a heavy weight lifting and also reduce your reps, that means you only have 6-8 reps for raising your muscles. Now you want to know what happens when you just put 6-8 reps, then the size of your muscles cells changes. And to make this change, you have to work hard for months.
So in short muscle hypertrophy means increase in the size of muscles.

Muscle hypertrophy definition Hypertrophy reps range to build muscles mass

Types of muscle hypertrophy

Sacroplasmic hypertrohy 

We told you what the muscle hypertrophy is and how it works. Now we will tell you that there are two types of hypertrophy

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. means that when you exercise your muscles, you increase the amount of glycogen in your muscles cells and lift the weight with full force. For example, if you are exercising chest press, with heavy weights and the reps are just 8 to 10. This means that exercises help in the growth of your muscles, which we know as hypertrophy.

Myofibril hypertrophy

Myofibril hypertrophy means increase in the size of myofibrillal cells. Now you want to know how these cells increase. Many of our cells connect with myofibril and every cell contains many myofibrils cells. For example, if you are squatting and trying to take more weight than your capacity, then your body gives you signals that you are trying to hurt your body. This is because your body automatically reacts and starts a self-process, to heal yourself. So you should take the load according to your capacity so that your muscles are not breakdown. next time when you life heavy weight keep your overload principle in the range.

Hypertrophy reps range:

Most of the bodybuilders using hypertrophy movement to increase the size of there muscles power and lifting techniques.if you are beginners you can always want to try hypertrophy exercise because lot of high school graduate and new to muscle building heard about it that this type of training help them to build more muscles mass and gain. 

Do you know as a beginner you can not lift such heavy weight in the beginning of the muscle development and its just your start doing heavy reps and good muscle take years to build and either you are doing heavy weight training.

Also its depend on you goal what you want to do,build muscle mass or do endurance training because both have difference in the training and techniques.for example you want to build muscle mass and you are doing intermediate muscle building,then what should be your repetition to gain strength and muscle fibers.

For building muscle your reps should be between 8 to 12 to to increase the size of biceps and shoulders and chest and back,these are major muscle group which can be perform with heavy weight to gain maximums strength.

Many people doing hypertrophy training to build muscle but not everyone can make it because its depend on your body type mesomorph mesomorph and endomorph and type of muscle fiber you have. for example, if you are exercising, and your reps are only 6-8. This means that you are lifting heavy. That's why your reps are low, and it is very important for you to have these reps, otherwise you will not be able to grow your muscles. Most people do not lift heavy weight because they have not god gifted and not have good genes to build muscles.

Moreover to achieve your goals as a bodybuilders your proper training and dedication and goal plays the most important role the gain muscles mass and size. so next time when you hit the gym do reps of only 6-8 with heavy weight and rest between exercise should be 60 seconds for proper muscle fiber growth and its also help you to raise your testosterone levels during exercise sessions.

Hypertrophy workout Training For beginners

  • Monday- Chest -shoulder-triceps
  • Tuesday- Squats back and biceps
  • Wednesday-Rest no cardio at all 
  • Thursday-Same as chest shoulder and triceps
  • Friday-same as squats back and biceps
  • Saturday- rest no cardio at all 
  • Sunday-rest no cardio at all 

This program is followed by three muscles group which cover all the parts on weekly basis its also focus on time between each exercise group to achieve maximum strength. usually you must train each muscle at least two times a week for maximum fiber growth of muscles cells.also maintain the rest period for muscle recovery which is 48 hours to 72 hours,because your muscles need time to recover from breakdown of tissues and cells.

Hypertrophy diet:

Meal (1) Wake up 6:00 am have 2 whole eggs and one cup dalia ,whole wheat pasta and 2 capsule of glut amine to start your day.

Meal (2) At 9:00 am have 2 whole egg and 2 eggs white with one glass of milk one cup and 2 slice of multigrain bread.

Meal (3) At 11:00am weight gain shake with one banana large+oats half cup+peanut butter +1 scoop of whey protein+2 table spoon peanut butter+250 ml of milk+honey added if you like.

Meal (4) AT 2:00pm-lunch have 2 multigrain chapati+small bowl of rice+1 whole egg boiled or piece of cottage cheese+beans+green vegetable any+curd 1 cup+cucumber half plate

Meal (5) At 4:30pm 2 banana as pre workout meal,before exercise sessions.

Workout Time - 5pm to 7pm in the evening with high intensity exercise.

Meal (6) Post workout whey scoop 1 serving with simple carb meal such banana,orange juice,or glucose with water.

Meal (7) Dinner have brown rice half plate with 5 eggs white and green vegetable or chickpeas+small plate salad

Meal (8) After 2 hours of dinner have one glass of milk 200 ml with whey scoop 1 serving or half scoop if you are a beginner guy,its help you to make nitrogen balance at night and help prevent breakdown of muscle for 6 hours.

This meal plan can be followed by at least 3 hours gap between each meals for proper digestion and absorption and do not try to overeat,because overeating never give you any benefits besides bloating and indigestion.

My final words hypertrophy training is really good for healthy life and build strength in your body and but a good nutrition plan with 6 to 7 meals and taking good level of protein play the same important role in building muscles fast:

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