what is vo2 max and how to done vo2 max test ?

Vo2 max means the aerobic fitness talk test to measure the maximal oxygen uptake or aerobic capacity during exercises such as cycling Vo2 test and treadmill talk test.
And the name got from three science words called v for volume and o for oxygen m for maximal. 

This test is done to measure the human body aerobic and anaerobic capacity during low to high levels of exercise. 

what is vo2 max and how to done vo2 max test,vo2 max training

Here we will give you an example of Vo2 maximal. 

He or she is doing cardio training exercises on a treadmill for 20 minutes with maximum oxygen O2 uptake. But suddenly we have increased the intensity of treadmill, now he has run on a treadmill with less oxygen uptake and lactic acid begins to accumulate in his body and he is felling tired now and not able to talk anyone, and he has used him all Vo2 max with maximal oxygen consumption. 

There are three stages of vo2 maximum.

  • Ventilatory threshold Vt1. 
  • Ventilatory threshold vt2.
  • Vo2 maximum oxygen uptake.

Three stages vo2 max test 

Ventilatory threshold vt1 -means s you are doing exercise on low-intensity levels like running on a treadmill or doing cycling exercise. In this stage, your body gradually produces the oxygen and you can talk to anyone while doing the exercise session. Also, your body response to lactic acid at a very slow rate and you will not feel tired in the vt one stage.

Ventilatory threshold vt2-in this stage you are doing exercise on high intensity and still able to take with someone with breath heavily and your body produces lactic acid at a faster rate, and feel tired in few minutes as your maximum heart rate is higher than normal heart rate.

Vo2 maximum oxygen uptake-Well this stage is very interesting because after completing vt and vt 2 stage your body goes into the state of vo2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) means you are doing exercise with very high-intensity levels and not able to talk whole doing cycling or treadmill and not able to Breath properly and because lactic acids are fully accumulated in your muscles.

My finals words about vo2 max training

Above I have described all the stages of vo2 max which is also called anaerobic threshold and aerobic threshold, also you do this test on yourself to test how the maximum oxygen level and lactic acid relate to each other, and how your body responds to theses scientific research principals.
Moreover, make sure to apply these test to healthy adults only who have medical clearance to exercise and have do not have any medical condition, also start gradually the test and talk to your client continuously to check how the test works on his body and is he or she breath properly or breath heavily during the test.

On the other hand, if your client feels like vomiting and dehydration and headache stop the test immediately and give some Plain water and try to maintain is body temperature and blood pressure after test, if the condition is serious seek help with a doctor immediately.

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