Benefits of keeping a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can do more than just make you look good. Obesity can lead to many types of diseases which can cause life-altering consequences and sometimes lead to premature death. Therefore it is very important to do what is necessary to get to a healthy weight if you are not there already. Maintaining a healthy weight is very important as well.

Many people lose 10-20 pounds just to gain the weight back. This is due to several factors. A lot of people look for a quick fix. They will try the new fad diets that promote quick weight loss. They are more often than not, upset when they gain back the weight nearly as quickly as they took it off.

Benefits of keeping a healthy weight

This is called yo-yo dieting and is dangerous to your health due to the following reasons. Most diets that provide extremely quick weight loss either help you lose water weight which will return as soon as you stop dehydrating yourself. The second type of weight loss on a quick diet is protein or muscle mass. When a person does not have enough protein in their diet or extremely low carbohydrates in the diet the body has no other choice but to break down muscle mass to provide the body with protein in order to metabolize it into energy.

When weight is gained back, it more than likely will be fat rather than lean muscle mass. Every time this occurs more fat is deposited into the body and vital organs which can put a strain on the organs to provide their normal functions. It is also twice as hard to get rid of the increased fatty deposits than it is to lose muscle mass.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can definitely improve your health. It also can help to prevent future chances of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, respiratory insufficiency, and diabetes. People who are overweight frequently have high cholesterol levels which can result in hypertension, cardiovascular problems, heart disease, even a heart attack or stroke. By keeping weight at a healthy level, this risk can be reduced significantly. Hypertension can be controlled sometimes with diet alone if a person is at a healthy weight and lowers their cholesterol levels to reduce the risks here.

Those who are overweight are likely to develop type II diabetes. The pancreas has to produce insulin in order to break down carbohydrates in the blood into simple sugars that can be used by the body for energy. The more weight that is carried on the body, the higher the chance that the pancreas will not be able to keep up with the demand and release sugar into the blood which can cause lead to a lot of serious problems including diabetic retinopathy and kidney disease if the diabetes is not kept under control. Maintaining a healthy weight can significantly reduce the chance of developing this type of diabetes.

Those who are overweight are at risk of developing gallbladder disease due to the high levels of fats that are present in the blood due to obesity. This can require surgery to remove the gallbladder if gallstones are present or the gallbladder remains inflamed.

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Respiratory insufficiency can result from a person carrying around a lot of extra weight which puts extra pressure on the heart and lungs in order to pump the blood from the extremities to the lungs to be oxygenated. This puts a great strain on both the heart and lungs and can lead to chronic respiratory problems.

Maintaining a healthy weight with both diet and exercise can help to prevent most of the issues that have been discussed here. You can see how important it is to you both at present and in the future to devote extra effort to make sure you keep a healthy weight which will help to keep you healthy in the future.

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