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Introduction to dietary supplements and its health benefits

Discussion on dietary supplements is entirely based on my professional opinion and experience, but I have taken into account the experimental, epidemiological and anecdotal evidence, including its own use. The nutritional supplements are vast, but remember, they are what they say, that is, 'nutritional supplements' - they 'supplement' only one diet that should already be optimal. You do not need any supplements to make a great body, but they are a very useful and effective way to improve your profit. Supplements do not work like they are a way to optimize your nutrition.

Benefits of dietary supplements

Nutrient supplements may be based on different types of sources, but to be classified as different types of 'supplements', they are either naturally occurring in the body or naturally occurring naturally Substances should be derivatives, which can cause no harm. There is a very fine line between some substances that are classified as 'nutritional supplements' and are classified as 'medicines' and are restricted. In fact, products are constantly reviewed, and, in some cases, laws change, when a substance is restricted it becomes a 'drug', although earlier it could have been a 'supplement'. This is the case with some testosterone boosters.

Below, I will introduce you to some classifications of  supplements and benefits of dietary supplements.

Protein and Amino Acid Supplements

There are many proteins on the market, amino acids complex and individual amino acids. I will discuss the use of amino acid capsules in the development of muscles, and the benefits of supplementing single amino acids such as glutamine which is a conditional supplement use in cancer and disease to recover and widely use in bodybuilding as a supplement to increase growth hormone ,if you take 5 grams of glutamine daily,but there is a need to mention other essential and non essential  amino acids because complementary companies claim that they use themselves as supplements. Having had a role in it. I personally do not intend to go through every amino acids, but mention some with specific bodybuilding applications (or claimed). Remember that amino acids essentially have a role in bodybuilding because they are the building blocks of proteins. In most cases it is adequate in the form of food or part of the protein powder.

There are some essential / indispensable amino acids which can not synthesize our body; That's why we must take care of them. There are also conditionally essential amino acids, which, in some circumstances, we are unable to make adequate, for example glutamine. The rest is considered non-essential, although what we get from our diet is still used extensively in the body.

Fatty acids supplements 

Some supplements are based on individual fatty acids or personal sources of fats or oils such as omega 3 and omega omega 9 , with the claim that they improve health and performance. According to their benefits again they will be researching for its health benefits.

Here some more fatty acids supplements:

  • ALA- Alpha linolenic acid is one-3 fatty acids. It is one of the two essential fatty acids, so it is considered necessary for health and can not be produced within the human body. They should be received through diet. ALA is an omega-3 fatty acid found in seeds, nuts and many common vegetable oils.
conjugated linoleic acid

  • CLA-conjugated linoleic acid refers to a group of chemicals found in linoleic acid. Dairy products and beef are the main sources of conjugated linoleic acid in the diet. An average diet supplements 15-174 mg of conjugated linoleic acid per day.
Generally, conjunctive linoleic acid is taken from mouth for weight loss. It is also often used for bodybuilding and fitness, but there are limited scientific evidence to support these uses.

Carbohydrate supplements

In fact, there is only dextrose  powder that is carbohydrate derived and they are two types complex carbs sugar and simple sugar in bodybuilding complex sugar is for slow and steady carbs release and simple sugar can be taken after workout immediately to replenish glycogen level in combination with whey protein.

Herbal supplements

In some countries, herbal medicines and herbal supplements are classified as dietary supplements, and are being used more and more in sports nutrition, so this e-book is suitable for them. In some cases the herbs have been mentioned in such qualities as medicines, and they are often used in the kitchen for flavor and garnish. Many of today's medicines have been prepared with herbs several years ago, and some herbs and medicines are very similar in their actions. In some cultures, more herbal medicines are still used than conventional medicine. In some body herbs, metabolism is done by the same mechanism as their drug counterpart.

Effective use of herbal supplements in both medicine and sports is poor research and documentation, but still, there is a growing area. This is a topic that is suited to the contents of this ebook, but if you choose to use herbal supplements, please buy a reputable brand and get more advice.

We are especially looking at herbs in bodybuilding, from the point of view of the supplement of the game, so some herbs may have a place in the health and welfare, I will comment on the bodybuilder (or adverse effects). . The mentioned people have been marketed as a role in the form of supplementary in bodybuilding directly or indirectly.

One problem with herbal supplements is that you can not always be sure of the power of Formula. Many factors are important, in which part of the plant was used, where it was grown, how it was harvested, how the soil was, how it was processed and packed, and so on. Herbal industry has tried 'standardized extracts', hence the strength of herbal extracts is guaranteed. Despite this, some manufacturers make their products at the lower level as they claim.

Homeopathic Supplements

These will be discussed later in detail because I think it is better to classify them under 'Alternative Nutrition'.

Natural occurring supplements 

Natural occurring supplements  there are supplements which are overhead of naturally occurring substrates or substrates in the body. These substrates have a wide range of tasks and are essential for life. Manufacturers claim that supplementing their diet with that substrate will increase health or performance. Claims for some products are well established, e.g. Creatine, Hmb and Gaba, but most are not. I will check if there is any benefit for performing these supplementary dosages of these chemicals.

Micro nutrient Supplements

I made my view on the vitamins and minerals used in the form of supplements of vitamins and minerals, which are clear in the mineral and mineral articles; That is, they are beneficial only in certain circumstances. Many micro nutrients are marketed in singular or complexes, and claim to have good benefits for health and performance. I have mentioned something along with a possible role in bodybuilding at the end of the vitamins and mineral articles, and in the next few chapters, no other will have to go to detail in detail, because they only list the article to waste my money. Can.

Final thoughts

Okay, enough background. Do you want to know what works and what does not work. By the way I will repeat again, nothing can be done from 'work' copy Although some supplements are invaluable useful aids. choose smartly which nutrition supplement works for you and which are not work for you.


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